Great grandmother Jean Dawson celebrated her 100th birthday on February 20, and she credits her longevity to a simple habit she picked up when she was 67: Yoga.



Dawson, of West Yorkshire, England, said she began the popular meditative practice after seeing a local advertisement, reported.

She said she’s made friends through yoga, and the exercise has helped her cope better with pain from a slipped disc in her back.

“It has given me good posture, balance, concentration, flexibility and stamina,” Dawson told the news website.

Dawson does yoga weekly and attends class every Monday morning, and her instructor described her as a role model.

You won’t just look better than you have in years, you’ll FEEL better, too!

I think you can see how doing yoga can shape your body, improve muscle tone, and help you drop those extra pounds. But yoga is much more than a way to get your body looking good. It also makes you FEEL good…



  • You’ll feel less anxious and more energized…There’s nothing like yoga to help calm your busy mind so you can relax. It gives you that much-needed “me time” to focus on yourself and your body. It also helps improve your mood and energy levels. A 2011 Japanese study looked at women who practiced yoga for two years and compared their mental states to women who didn’t do yoga. The women who practiced yoga experienced less tension, anxiety, anger, and fatigue. They also scored higher on energy, mental acuity, and emotional balance.
  • You’ll sleep like a baby at night…Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, yoga can lull you off to dreamland and keep you there. Check out this study on chronic “insomniacs” published in the medical journal Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Those who added a simple yoga practice to their daily routine enjoyed dramatically improved sleep. They averaged an extra 36 minutes of sleep time a night, fell asleep 15 minutes faster, and reduced the number of nighttime awakenings by more than a third!
  • You’ll enjoy the best sex of your life…Here’s another way yoga makes things better in the bedroom. It can help boost desire and arousal, increase lubrication, intensify orgasm and satisfaction, and reduce pain. One study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found yoga significantly improved sex for women in all six of these crucial ways. And the improvement was even greater in women over age 45!
  • You’ll suffer less pain and discomfort…Yoga can be a “miracle worker” for your aching back, joints, and muscles. It improves flexibility and range of motion while reducing pain and stiffness. One study found people with low back pain who did yoga noticed a significant improvement in back comfort and function compared to other treatments!

I know yoga can do all of these wonderful things for you and more. But you can’t just do any yoga. It’s very important to do the right yoga poses, and do them correctly. Yet the way some people are teaching yoga is giving it a bad rap…and making sports doctors and orthopedists rich!


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