The need for Long Breath Diet was developed by a Japanese celebrity to lose weight only by taking elongated deep breaths 2 minutes a day. Despite the popularity it has in Japan, there are questions whether or not it is effective are not.

What is the long breath diet anyway?

The long breath diet involves breathing in through your nose while exhaling through your mouth while expanding your chest for elongated periods of time. It may seem simple at first, but in fact it requires more concentration that you think trying to stimulate the inner muscles hidden deep within your body.


It turns out that breathing this way it is possible to train your inner muscles not to mention get tight abs. Here is how respiratory breathing can help train your abs and inner muscles.


Train abs and inner muscles » Increase muscles mass » Increase metabolism » Healthy weight loss

Although there are many out there in yoga that practice breathing exercises on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean that increasing your muscular strength this way is going to be easy.

People who actually tried doing these exercises will tell you that it’s harder than it looks. Exhaling all the air in your lungs while concentrating on flexing your muscles takes practice to get it right. You will see how a Japanese fitness guru explains by example how long deep breaths can train your inner muscles and help you get a flatter stomach.

Doing this exercise should take no longer than 10 seconds. Do 6 repetitions for best results. (1 minute)

Method of breathing 2

Form: Tighten your buttocks standing straight up

Breathe in for 3 seconds while sucking in your midsection.

Breathe out for 7 seconds sucking your abdomen in even further.
Watch the video for long breath diet 


Do this exercise as to bring your stomach towards your back focusing your energy towards your center similarly to the way it is done practicing Dan Tian breathing.

Dan Tian is located about 9centimeters bellow your belly button. Focus on this area while doing this exercise for best results.

This breathing exercise should take about 10 seconds to do right. Do 6 repetitions and you are done (1 minute)

To master this breathing technique, do 3-5 sets per day. Don’t worry if you can’t get it done right at first. Continue practicing and it should come naturally. Note that form is more important than breathing. Once you’ve fully mastered the form, breathing should be so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

So, you have nothing to lose.

Try it and write us a comment for your experience.


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