Real strong women are popular and appreciated , but that is achieved spontaneously. Have an attitude , respect , and respect others , live careful life rhythm, but also do not measure their personality by what they have.

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In addition of  the things that make them successful, are these 15 things they strictly avoid:

1. Avoid gossiping 

A woman who has confidence, doesn’t need to talk about other women. She talks about her objectives, plans and ambitions.

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2. Doesn’t doubt

Doubt is not included in their personal description.

3. Do not follow trends

They are guided by what they like, what they need,  what is necessary and appropriate to their lifestyle.

4. Do not hide emotions and words

When strong women have something in mind, they will say it. When they feel something – also. As part of their self-esteem comes this personal characteristic.

5. Do not make compromises when it comes to self well being

They balance, to live comfortably and quality. If they need energy and if hungry – eat, if they are tired – sleep. It’s that simple.

successful strong women

6. Do not listen and believe blindly

Do not accept everything that is served. 

7. Do not beg others

When a woman believes in herself, other judgment  and confirmations are not needed.

8. Don’t waste time worrying 

Time is precious, and women who are sure that will succeed , do not waste time worrying.

9. Do not need pity

They do not want to pity or others to do so.

10. Do not make unconscious choices

Realize the goal of what they want to achieve , so it helps them to make rational choices.

successful strong women

11. Do not ignore the instincts

Want to listen to their your instincts , even when everything else tells them they are going to make the wrong choice.

 12. Popularity is not most important

They want to emphasize their opinion and others to appreciate it, but it is not crucial for their happiness.

13. Do not measure what they are by what they have

Even though they earned everything they posses, they know that the clothes , the shoes and the car are not their qualities.

14. Do not give up

They realize that it is impossible to live like a machine and keep the identical daily plan. So when something fails , they  don’t give up because nothing is absolute.

15. Do not live under pressure

Do not allow pressure to influence them , because they believe in their successful way of work.

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