Are you still an single and you want to change that?

The man you are constantly dreaming prevents you from finding the love in your real life and not being unmarried anymore. We are not saying that you should accept everything or something that you think is not good enough for you, but simply to get out of your imagination and deal with reality.

How can you really know, unless you give him a chance? See the following three types of illusions you may have and dating advises how to change something about the fact being single .

1. Your relationship exists only in your imagination

Wise women are not part of the relationship that exist only in their imagination. If he is no longer interested in you, then it is a sign that you simply need to continue on. On the other hand, when you have the feelings that the person with whom you have not yet talked about your relationship status, or you are in the relationship with a person who does not plan talk about marriage, perhaps we should pause and think hard about your life. If he just not sees a future with you, why do you lose your time? Or if you are in a situation where you are constantly waiting for they guy you like to invite you on a date because you are sure he likes you, but it never happens, chances are that he is playing games with you. Flirting is not the same as the relationship, so either forget, or ask him directly.

an unmarried woman

2. You are in love with the man from your fantasy

You are dreaming everyday about the man with the perfect body and hair, which has a doctorate earns billions of dollars, has perfect teeth and enjoys watching the same TV shows as you … do not want to be rude, nor destroys your dreams, but maybe it’s time To return to reality. If constantly anchoring the ideal picture of the way your dream man should look (for which we do not know that would fit your character), chances to miss imperfect, that somehow might be completely perfect for you .

3. You live your life in fantasy

If you believe that you are too good for the men you meet in your life without trying to meet him better, you will probably stay an unmarried  forever…. You need to love yourself and have great self-confidence , but the reality is that you are not a princess who deserves only prince with the same characteristics that you believe you own. Look well and consider whether there is room for change? What could you do to improve and become more reachable to the opposite sex? Even if he likes you, he won’t be able to approach you if it looks that you live in your own world.


For all of you single women, here are 5 strategies for meeting Mr. Right.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Approach Him

If you’ve had your eye on a hunky guy across the room for a while but he’s not walking over, don’t be afraid to approach him. Read the signs first, of course he’s looking at you and smiling, there is no woman with him, etc.

When the coast is clear, walk up to him and say hello. Ask him to dance or ask if you can sit down. Introduce yourself, talk a bit, then tell him it was nice to meet him and go back to your chair. The next move will be up to him.

2. Expect to Fall Short a Few Times

When you’re out there meeting guys and getting to know them, chances are you will meet a few that aren’t right for you. This can often lead to disappointment. All single women should understand that this isn’t failure –its one step closer to Mr. Right. Don’t expect to find your soul mate on the first night  it will most likely take some time. Expect to fall short a few times and don’t be too disappointed when you do.

3. Work on Your Confidence

If you are a single women with low self confidence, you’re going to have a difficult time meeting anyone – let alone Mr. Right. Men find women with confidence extremely attractive. Even if you don’t look like a supermodel, be confident with who you are and appear comfortable in your skin. If you accept and love yourself for who you are, so will Mr. Right when you find him!

4. Be Who You Are

You’re staring across the table at a man with the most gorgeous and piercing eyes you’ve ever seen. It’s times like this when it can be easy to compromise who you are in an effort to keep things going forward. While it can be difficult to do, you should always be who you are. Don’t compromise your beliefs, your goals, or yourself at all in an attempt to find Mr. Right. When it truly is Mr. Right, all you will need to be is who you are.

Remember to be patient and realize that he will come along –,probably when you least expect it and when you’re in the perfect position to be swept off your feet.

5. Accentuate What Is Wonderful about You

Most single women, or any women —,aren’t 100% happy with their bodies; they may want a smaller butt, plumper lips or longer hair. The truth is that no one is perfect and most men don’t want their women to look like celebrities or supermodels. Every woman is beautiful and you should accentuate what is beautiful and wonderful about you. Men enjoy it when their women look great , but not overdone. Simply play up your best features and stay confident!


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