What is actually normal? Is it normal to cry for someone you’ve lost or crying in public is just normal? Is it normal to help somebody trough hard time or just step aside because that person is not your close friend?

High sensitivity has always been with different acceptance from enviroment. Some people think it’s okay to be sensitive, and some think that’s unacceptable. Are you ashaimed of that or you are ready to use your sentisitvenes in a positive way.

The following few advices will help you decide how you will use it:

  1. Accept And Control Your Emotional Reactions

With your sensitiveness you can feel other people’s emotions and understand their situation. Putting yourself in their position you will want to help them even if they don’t ask for any help. But not always people want your help and feel that you are getting too deep in their private life. So, sometimes try to control your emotions and empathy with other people.

Sensitive People
  1. Always Listen To Your Inner Voice And Trust Your Intuition

Sensitive people are recognizing their intuition and inner voice easily than other people. While the picture of the events is saying something, you can easily close your eyes for the truth you are seeing deep inside of you. Instead of listening to your intuition, you chose to trust people and what are they saying, but don’t forget that people know how to use this.

You are known for person who want to help other, so why don’t help yourself this time, and trust only your intuition and don’t listen to what other are saying.


  1. Concentrate on things that really matter

Everything can affect you when you are too sensitive, even your overthinking fantasies can make you feel like something is wrong. No matter if that is your problem or some concern to your close friend you will feel it as a personal problem.

Instead of concentrating on your big problems you lose your time on other’s problems. You can avoid this by setting your priorities. What is happening in your life is more important than anything else. So by doing this you will to help other will be reduced and you will have more time for your concerns and your goals.


  1. Being Sensitive Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak Person

When people are saying that being sensitive person is very bad, believe me, people are on some way jealous because they see all the advantages you have for not forgetting on your emotions.

Possessing your emotions make you know more about yourself, make you capable of making changes in life and seeing things as they are by trusting your intuition and emotion.

  1. Be Brave

Emotions and empathy are gifts that are not easy to posses and you have to grateful about this. So why would you let anyone change you? No one can affect you so much, so you will stop loving yourself for being sensitive.

Stay brave and stay as you are. Lots of people are lost by following some trends and rules from environment, instead of listening their emotions and intuition.




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