The lipstick can’t help you change your overall look, but can affect the change in your mood. Will make you feel more sophisticated, feminine and glamorous , and will make you look sexier and seductive .

This summer favored shades of lip colors are strong colors as well as daily variations in flesh-colored lipsticks .

1. Hombre

In summer quite normal to decide for darker lip colors that will make your sun tan color  striking and glamorous. Hombre lips are trending for several seasons, thanks to the ones who know to play with colors a and make the lips fill and juicy . Therefore, if you want your lips to look seductive  choose exactly  this style.

hombre-lip-c-colours hombre-lip--colors-1

2. Bordeaux 

It is one of the most popular colors this summer. This lipstick color will give you a more dramatic look, at the same time make you look luxurious and sophisticated. It is necessary  the rest of the make-up to be less visible and quite simple.  Also, Bordeaux  lipstick  best agrees with bright shades of eye shadows .


3. Natural

It is the best choice for daily variations because these lipsticks are neutral and classic . Regardless of whether you decidet for an elegant or everyday wear, this color perfectly matches and fits with every appearance.

natural-lip-colornaural-lip-color-14. Pink 

Shades of pink excellently suite for brunettes and girls with lighter hair and skin color. These shades are the perfect choice for both evening and daytime variations involving drinking cocktails on the beach or coffee with her ​​friends .


5. Coral

Pastel colors are definitely  trend for this summer and you can definitely fit them in the selection of a new lipstick. Coral color is an excellent choice because it will make you look younger, fresh and in a good mood . Coral color fits perfectly with dark eye shadow and within the darker tan that you got on a vacation, and will make you look powerful and attractive .

coral-lips orange-lips-3