Intelligent , friendly and always with a welcome smile. We admire them for the attractions that they perform.

But the chance to actually see them and swim with a dolphin is one unforgettable experience.

There are least 7 destinations you can choose from if you want to try and swim with a dolphin.

  • Beach South Carolina

From Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head , coast and islands of this US state are home to many dolphins. Blue Wave Dolphin Adventure watch is an environmental organization that monitors dolphins, places microphones in the sea so you can listen their voices on the shore.


  • Bahamas

The crystal clear sea off the coast of the Bahamas is filled with dolphins. You can even closely see these beautiful creatures on the organized diving tours.


  • Croatia

The coast around Brac and Losinj is one of the most popular areas with dolphins in the Mediterranean. Despite the many marine activities, it is common to see the swimming dolphins or to dive with them.


  • Baia, Mexico

Cortez is a popular gathering place for dolphins and whales. This water contains more than 800 species of sea animals, because of the heat of the sea that in the summer months is close to 30 degrees. The water is clear and the beaches are wonderful – an ideal place for people and dolphins.


  • Turkey

The diving center in the luxury resort “Fetheye” is a popular place if you want to swim with a dolphin in Turkey. Its owner is one of the most experienced divers in Turkey , Yilmaz. The visits are also available for beginners and experienced divers.


  • Great Barrier Reef

There are few types of dolphins that can be seen here from June to October.


  • Hawaii

Big Island and Maui are popular places where you can meet dolphins and whales. In Hawaii a dolphin is almost common and everyday sight .




So, visit these places if you want to try the amazing experience of swim with a dolphin.


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