Do you dream of having happy and healthy relationship? Well there is not a big philosophy in achieving this, it’s the small and everyday habit that defines a relationship as happy and healthy.

Here are the shared secrets from the happy couples:

  1. They Communicate

They use communication as a way of bounding. With everyday talks happy couples interrupt misunderstanding. If you think there is something that your partner should stop doing, talk sincerely, but be careful over complaining could affect negatively your future communication.

  1. Say Yes

Too often many of us are saying No. Whether it’s a request to take a bike tour, make love or just make a coffee… why don’t stop doing that and ask ourselves, Why not say yes? Try to say yes more often on the requests from your partners and observe the difference later.


  1. Hug And Kiss Often

Try to make an everyday ritual. Like before heading out to work and after coming back, for example. Don’t miss to hug and kiss your partner. Happy couples enjoy doing this, share the love you have in your heart. I’m sure your partner will feel the positive change you’ve made and try to do something for you.

  1. Date Them Like They’re New to You

We all know how relationships get little bored after a while… Try to keep the sparkle between you, flirt with your partner more often, make them surprises like you used to when you dated at the beginning, get your relationship out from the comfort zone for a moment. That will make them feel more appreciated and find you more attractive.

  1. Express Gratitude

Don’t forget to appreciate the things your partner is doing for you. Happy couples say thank you,but mean it. Sometimes make more than just saying thank you, make some kind of small gratitude surprise on way that you partner will fell that what he’s done worth it.


  1. Show Interest On The Things They Appreciate

If your partner has some weird profession or hobby that you are not familiar with, don’t show indifference. Listen to your partner carefully when he speaks, ask him, show some interest, don’t make him feel like they are doing something weird or worthless…

  1. Smile Before The Conflict Fires Up

You are two different people, and conflict is inevitable. It is very important to take a deep breath, stay calm, and see it as everyday small problem that can be easily solved. Happy couples don’t panic, or start a hard debate, they just try to stay cool, smile and solve the problem. On this way you will show how reasonable woman you are, not a little girl.