When woman has a great husband is easy to see it from her smile.  Marriage is very significant life question in which we have a lot of doubts and questions if we’ve made the right choice.

Well ladies sometimes is hard to admit things our men are doing but we really have to be grateful if our husband is doing these things:

Your Man is Supportive

You know you have great husband when he stands by you no matter the situation. He is here while you are through your ups and down, when you’ve believed or doubted yourself and he always celebrated or encouraged you that keep you moving forward.

great-husbandYour Man Encourages You Self-Growth

Usually men become a little skeptical of the Woman’s Self-Growth, and the most common reason is that weak men are afraid of watching their woman becoming “greater man” that they are and afraid of losing them. You know you have great husband if he supports your Self-Growth, because he is assure of his values and encourages to his woman personal development which will make you happier and proud of yourself.

Your Man Communicates with You

He understands the meaning of simple and deep conversation. He knows conversation is a way of bounding which prevent future misunderstanding. He is here to listen to you, to tell you about his important things and always ready to solve a problem.

Your Man Takes Care Of You

He is knows he is the man and he has to be here to protect you. He usually makes phone calls to make sure you are okay and safe.

Your Man Loves Your Brand of Crazy

You must enjoy by man who loves you madness and crazy mistakes you are making everyday. He loves your jokes, your funny way of thinking and that makes you laugh always when you are together.

great-husband-fatherYour Man is Great Father

We are living in the “rush period” when is easy to forget about important people. You are lucky if your husband have time to dedicate to your children, if he talks with them , they have fun together and make you children’s childhood happy which is most important for personal development.

Your Man Acknowledges His Mistakes

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Husbands and wives do the same, but with not admitting mistakes you are ruining the communication and the health of a marriage between two people. So you know you have great husband if yours speaks rationally and admits mistakes he has made.


I know there are lots of reasons to adore your husband, I’m sure that lots of other everyday guests confirm the health of our marriage, so if you want to share why you love your husband please write us comment.