Bicycling never stops for some people. Continues right into their 80’s and 90’s and has been an important part of their entire life. For others riding stops the moment they get their driver’s license.

We all know that a car can’t be replaced by a bike, but the benefits you get from riding a bike will make you think twice about it.

family biking

Here is a short list of the 8 most important reasons why everyone should put a metal tube between their legs and pedal off into the sunset.

  1. It’s really, really good for your heart

    Let’s get the really obvious ones out of the way first. You don’t have to take part in Endurance mountain bike races or train like an athlete to get the benefits of cycling. 20 miles a week on a bike can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. For the record, even an unfit, overweight, cyclist in their mid-30’s (this author, 4 years ago) could mange that in 1 go in just over 120 minutes.

  2. Boost your immune system

    Riding a bike and getting some moderate exercise can boost your immune system, so you can beat off colds and minor infections much easier than if you were a couch potato. Human beings were designed by evolution to be physically active most of the time.

  3. Save money by commuting by bike

    It’s a great way to save for future investments. Save on bus fares, and save on Gas, by simply pedaling two wheels to work. As an added benefit, you won’t have to listen to those infuriatingly annoyingly chirpy drive time radio shows that cut to traffic news and depressing news updates every 2 minutes, and cutting the last 30 seconds off your favorite music track.

  4. Meet new people

    If you don’t know anyone who would be your partner in the biking world, you can easily join the global cycling community VeloBuddy and meet cyclists from all around the world. Search for the area you are interested in, and find a local buddy you could ride with.

  5. Get to have better sex

    Orgasms are just better, the fitter you are. The end…result (You can put your mind in the trash can now.) results in a more powerful release of feel good hormones like serotonin, melatonin and testosterone when you climax than if you spent your days eating yourself into a food coma.

  6. Be younger sexually

    Men who are physically fitter than their peers can have the sexual magnetism of their peers up to five years younger than they are. Go you, you tiger, you

  7. Stay potent

    Don’t believe the stories about what riding does to your male nether regions. Scientists have found that men over 50 years of age are at 30% less risk of impotence than those who do next to no cycling.

  8. Lose the weight in your saddle by getting in the saddle

    When most people try to lose weight, the first thing they do is buy some running shoes and some ridiculous Lycra and they start jogging, or running. While jogging is without doubt an excellent, and cost effective way to slim down and lose some pounds, you can go further on a bike regardless of your fitness levels, so it’s good for your mental health too.


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