Self-esteem is not how beautiful you are, it’s not how beautiful body you have, or how popular are you with your friends, it’s a inner guide which leads you in peace and calmness in your mind, and helps you achieving your goals very easily.


Here I want to share my secrets that helped me improve my self-esteem, and hope you make a smart habit on making an everyday routine of these tips:


  1. Get Very Relaxed

We all have time when we feel anxious, insecure of ourselves, so first think you need to do is get yourself alone, stop overthinking and relax. You need to stop overthinking, because you are losing a lot of energy on your fantasy. You can do that by focusing yourself on something else, like cleaning home, listening to good music and singing, doing exercise, yoga, and at the end you can try with some good meditation which will calm your mind.

Refresh your mind for receiving new positive thoughts which will increase your self-esteem!

  1. Do Something You Are Good At

Remember the good things you are good at…Maybe art, gaming, sport, dancing, singing…whatever you remember. Now you are relaxed and you can easily get focused on things that you are doing, things that you love, things that will remember you how good and competent you can be.

  1. Think Of A Change Of A Thought

Like for example, every-time you think “I can’t do it”, stop for a moment, calm and search for a way to Do it, because at the end of the day, you will see that was some simple situation which made you little insecure, but next time you will do it so easy, like an everyday routine.

Start with small things, in which you will face little fear, that will encourage you to solve the future’s big problems.

  1. Start A Self-Appreciation Diary

There’s got to be at least five things you are proud of. Write them in your diary and read them before go to sleep and first thing you do in the morning, that will help you not to forget about them. Don’t forget to increase this list with every day’s situation you’ve feel self-esteem and read it again and again.


  1. Set Up Realistic Goals

I know we have big dreams, and we hear every day “Sky is the limit”…I know a lot of things are possible, but step by step, small things make everything and make us happy. Set up small, realistic goals where you can give your maximum, and wait for results. Because we can not blame only ourselves, it’s the circumstances, people we can not change, and with big dreams we have bigger disappointment. That’s why I say, step by step, goal by goal, you will achieve your big goal and improve your self-esteem day by day.

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Comparison can affect seriously your self-esteem. If you compare to your friend and complain how she could have something and you don’t, there’s got to be a lot of reasons… Maybe she made sacrifice to have that, maybe that is not something you really want, you just think is something good to have, and maybe you have something else for not having that, and maybe your friend want to be in your situation but not showing that… So there are a lot of explanation why comparison is worthless, and you can easily increase your self-esteem by stopping it.

  1. Don Forget, You Might Be Wrong Sometimes

Usually when you feel tired, excused or anxious, you’re mostly focused on negative thoughts, which bring more negative thoughts and make a wrong picture about yourself. And then you are wrong, and affect negatively on your self-esteem. Whenever you find yourself in this situation stop, and try to relax on your own favorite way, and focus on other important things in your life.


  1. Accept It

This might not be your favorite tip for self-esteem, but believe me it’s not so dangerous as it sounds. Try to relax when you think about things you don’t like about yourself because we are all humans, and every human has it’s own straightness and weaknesses, and say it’s not so bad to have these characteristics. Or about things you’ve mistaken, it’s not a big deal, you have to move on and see what you can do now, did you learn something, because thinking on a mistake from the past won’t help you in any situation in the present. Accepting these things, and seeing that it’s nothing important, will reduce the underestimation, because you are smart person, and it’s smarter to focus on your straightness.