The main role of the liver is the detox of the entire body . It is our inner ” cleaner ” that with the right support can expel toxins from the body that cause disease .

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It is the second largest organ ( after the skin ) and one of the most important because it plays a role in regulating fat , balance hormones , digestion and circulation.

However , Australian herbalists Dominik Fini said that the main task of the liver release of excess substances are introduced into the body .

” Anything that enters the bloodstream is being filtered by the liver .The high-quality ingredients are send to the organs, the other are disposed from the body ,” he says.



Dysfunctions of the liver

Enjoying alcohol and ” fast ” food can sometimes be fun , but then your liver is working under a special regime . All these drinks , processed foods and toxic chemicals we are exposed to remain in the liver .

Fini says that when the liver becomes saturated with toxins , it cannot filter blood in the best possible way .

” The liver becomes blocked , greased or bloated . It then helps to increase the synthesis of cholesterol , and lower nutrient and new cells , compromising your health. ”

So in many alcoholics cases comes to deterioration of the liver , because the body does not have time to regenerate .

The liver is located behind the ribs in the upper right part of the abdomen . If canceled we can only survive for two days.

The liver can work even if 75 percent of it is dysfunctional , because of the incredible ability to create new tissue .

The first sign of weakness of the liver are headache , dizziness , depression , poor concentration , mood swings , allergies , rashes , red eyes , sensitivity to food , pain and stiffness in the body and a bitter taste in the mouth .

Do you need detoxification?

Nutritionists generally not recommended detox regimes , because the liver is always working to purify the body . What you should do is to permanently fix your eating habits , to encourage its functioning .

The general rule is to avoid fatty foods , taking five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day , and alcohol entrees should be at the minimum quantities .

What helps the liver ?

Ginger , most dark green leafy vegetables , beetroot and mint are very useful .

Carrots : Rich in beta carotene help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation .

Adders grass : Contains antioxidants that act as blockers of toxins .

Walnuts : They help the elimination of toxins

Lemon : Clean , not only the liver , but also bladder , kidneys , gastrointestinal tract and lungs .

Garlic : Helps purify the blood and makes it easier to work the kidneys and liver.

Dandelion tea : Dandelion has been used for centuries in folk medicine . It purifies the blood and acts as an antioxidant , and is recommended for people who have liver problems .

Beetroot juice : Contains a chemical called betaine , which stimulates liver cells .

In addition to these foods , it is important to get plenty of sleep , occasionally visiting the sauna , indulge yourself in lymphatic drainage and drinking plenty of filtered water.


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