Angelina Jolie Pregnant With New IVF Baby!!!

Great news has been speared in the celebrity’s world: A report claims that Angelina Jolie is allegedly pregnant again! The mother of six had her eggs frozen in 2013, after successful IVF treatment will be welcoming a new baby.
Before she underwent preventive surgery in 2013, Angelina Jolie apparently had her eggs frozen so that she and Brad could welcome one more biological child.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant With New IVF Baby

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the best treatment for certain kinds of fertility problems.
In IVF, the process of fertilisation happens outside the woman’s body. A woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilised in a laboratory using sperm that has been given as a sperm sample. The fertilised egg, which is called an embryo, is implanted into the woman’s womb.
The process can be demanding and brings risks. Maybe that is why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit have not still break the news about their pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant With New IVF Baby



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