One of the greatest thing in a relationship besides love, is the sex. There is hardly any relationship that can succeed if the sex is unsatisfactory.

But there are relationships where the woman nor the man can recognize that they are having bad sex.

bad sex

These are the ten major warnings that you have sex with the wrong person:

1. You fantasize more about others than you partner.

It is quite normal if it happens sometimes and you don’t have to worry or question your moral, but at the moment when you totally stop to fantasize about your partner, it is the for alarm.

2. He doesn’t attracts you enough.

You need sexual energy and mental challenge and there is no compromise.

3. You get ugly comments regarding your body.

Degradation is a definite sign of disturbed relationship. If that is passed in the bed, then it’s time to think.

4. You are afraid to tell what you want and what you don’t.

The pleasure that sex brings should not come in quotes.

5. You hardly wait for it to be over.

It is completely normal your desire to vary from time to time but if you often just count the seconds, then why are you staying in the same bed?

bad sex idea

6. You feel strange or weird after the sex.

Other than that it needs to satisfy your appetite, sex should make you happier and more satisfied not the opposite.

7. He refuses to use protection.

If he refuses to use protection at all costs and you are not at the same page about it, run as far as you can.

8. You don’t like his touch.

If his touch doesn’t turn you on and instead you just feel discomfort, this unconscious reaction of your body, may be a good sign.

9. He doesn’t respect you enough.

Whether you are in a relationship or just “friends with benefits”, this is mandatory.

10. The sex is just boring.

Do you still need another reason?

sex problems




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