If you are one of those ladies who do not leave the house without makeup, then it is clear that the same applies to the beach.

In this case we put the emphasis on selection of waterproof products with UV protection. Most make-up will melt at high temperatures, and in addition they will look ridiculous on you,  threatening irritation, tingling or even allergies. However, it is impossible to look impeccable while enjoying your deserved rest.


However, the powder is one of the products that you CAN forget on it, because it does not make your skin to breathe. Your ideal base is a cream for the face with SPF.

As for the eyes , the best will stand out with waterproof mascara, and if you want to go one step further use eye shadow that is certainly slick weatherproof . Do not forget balm and lip gloss certainly with SPF that will make your lips look shinier.


As for the hair , perfectly easy and leisurely braids that do not require much effort , and who are also hit this summer. You can also protect your hair with sprays that are made especially for longer stays on the sun.

Makeup and the beach don’t go together, that’s obvious , but if you stick to the natural look , you can merge in fusible, and what you must not forget is of course protection for the whole body also!

beach body