Coughing is a perfectly normal thing, it is usually not something you should worry about. Coughing can help you release phlegm and other irritants. But sustained cough can be very bothering and it can also be a symptom for other conditions like bronchitis.

When irritants (substances in the air that irritate your throat or nose) are causing coughing, it is actually your body’s way of rejecting them. Cough can also be a sign of allergies, especially when you have cough that becomes apparent in a certain environment or season.

 If you have cough it may also be a sign of viral or bacteria infection that is accompanied by:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Fever
  • Stomach upset
  • Runny nose

These symptoms usually last shorter, around one or two weeks.

When the cough is not serious, there are some remedies that can help you ease it. First and most beneficial is HONEY.

  • Honey is known to be effective for a number of conditions. It is a perfect remedy for your soar throat. It can be even more effective than medicines and help you relief from your cough faster. You can use it on its own or you can mix it up with water and lemon. It is your choice, but either way it effective.

Next home remedy for cough can be pineapple, even though you never though of it as a cure. That’s because you’ve probably never heard of BROMELAIN.

  • This is actually an enzyme found only in the stem or fruit of pineapple. It helps with loosening the mucus in your throat. You can eat it, or you can make a fresh juice from it.

Another effective home remedy can be PEPPERMINT.

  • It is known that they are healthy and have healing properties, The menthol in peppermint really soothes the throat. You can drink peppermint tea, or inhale it in your body from a steam bath.

The perennial that flowers in summer-Althaea officinalis is used to make MARSHMALLOW.

  • Its use has been known since ancient times. It treats sore throats and suppresses coughs. The herb of marshmallow contains mucilage, which helps soothing your throat. Today you can get in tea or capsule form.

According to the studies, THYME can be used as a home remedy too.

  • It is suggested that thyme leaves mixed with ivy can help with coughing. The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles.







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