Who is the best way to burn  calories???

You’re trying to find the best way to burn calories but your body it’s prone to fat accumulation… How to change this? What should you do for your body to start burning the calories? Here are some tips for you.

The royal breakfast

The royal breakfast – The best way to burn calories

We return back again to notice you about the importance of a healthy, diverse and an abundantly breakfast. The body is programmed at the mornings to require more calories, metabolism is activated and the body needs energy for the all day. Eat a lot in the morning, but lunch and dinner should be minimized. This is the rule that you must respect if you want to lose a fat forever.

best way to burn the calories

The trick with a deep breathing

Before you start eating, apply the trick with a deep breathing. All you have to do is a five times in a row to take the air for a period of two to three seconds, a few moments to keep it and slowly for 5 to 6 seconds breathe it out. This reduces the feeling of hunger and gives the body time to send a signal to the brain that we are fed. This is advice on how to eat less and be eaten for longer.

the best way to burn calories

Don’t eat latter at the night if you don’t want a huge stomach

Before going to the bed, you can eat some fruit or drink a cup of mint tea, but expressly remove a caloric food. The main culprit of a fat deposition around the abdomen and buttocks is the food that is usually eats in the evenings, and another reason is the slower metabolism at nights.

Protect your liver

Healthy liver means a healthy body. He is responsible for cleaning the body of various toxins and also corrects distribution of nutrients. For healthier liver it should be regularly consumed fruit and vegetables and needs to drink 2 liters of water per a day.


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