How to look confident and willing for new sex games, while men are struggling with some fears.

Although it seems that men are full of confidence when it comes to their sexual performance in, things are not exactly like that. They will skillfully camouflage it with acting, but we find them nightmares of most men. Fear of impotence This is the biggest fear in men and first place on the list of fears that plague when it comes to sex. The irony is that it was the fear is often the main cause of this condition

Fear of losing self-control

Fear of losing self-control.

Many men happy relationship fear that one day he would lose control and that will attract another woman. Some because they feel guilty, and some fear that will not be able to resist the temptation. These fears appear almost always in the presence of an attractive woman, and it can leave a trace on the link that currently located. Fear that his wife / girlfriend would leave other men who are placed on dominant, not equal, more fear of that “would lose what belongs. “Unfortunately, because of this behavior, it most often occurs. The problem is almost always a psychological level, and is present in all men, regardless of age.
Fear of losing self-control

Fear of  “not enough inches”

The eternal struggle between men and size. They associate size with the ability to satisfy your partner, but the truth is that it is big penis is the most common problem for women. It is not the size; it’s that everything you can do with what you have!



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3. Fear of losing self-control

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