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The 3 Week Diet

Natural Remedies

Here’s why coffee can be extremely GOOD for you if you do it right!

Mmm, coffee... almost everybody drinks it... some people have 3-4 cups per day or more. But most people don't think of it as a "health drink".  And it's certainly NOT healthy the way most people make it with loads of added sugar or artificial sweeteners and artificial creamers. So what's the best way to make a healthy...

A Natural Way of how to cleanse your liver of toxins

The main role of the liver is the detox of the entire body . It is our inner " cleaner " that with the right support can expel toxins from the body that cause disease . It is the second largest organ ( after the skin ) and one of the most important because it plays...

Do This Immediately When You Have Bee or Wasp Sting! This Is The Most Powerful Remedy!

Very poverful remedy to neutralize the venom when having a bee or wasp sting, and promote quick recovery is aspirin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help control pain and swelling. Crush a regular aspirin into a powder. Add a few drops of water to form a thin paste. Apply it on the welt and allow it to sit...

Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: This Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other Incurable Diseases! (Recipe)

Rudolf Brojs from Austria has actually dedicated his entire life to discovering the very best natural remedy for cancer. He made this unique juice that provides exceptional outcomes for dealing with cancer. He has treated more than 45, 000 people who struggled with cancer and other incurable illness with this method. Brojs stated that cancer...

You Can Have Celebrity Smile Without Spending Money With Only One Home Ingredient?

White vinegar contains acetic acid that can help prevent demineralization of enamel as well as prevent and reduce accumulation of plaque. It also has antibacterial properties. A 2014 study published in the International Journal of Advanced Health Sciences suggests that a significant amount of dissolution of plaque dextran was observed in vinegar (4 percent acetic...

The world went crazy for this 2 ingredients that melt fat in 2 days!

Every second person is obsessed with the excess fat.  Due to rapid lifestyle, poor diet and lack of physical activity – increased fat in the blood are disease of today. Sometimes among elevated fat can be observed deposits of fat colored yellow in the type of tile or node on the upper eyelids or other body parts.   With...

Don’t Go For Pills! This is A Super Powerful Inflammation Treatment

Chronic inflammation is the precursor to many health problems, ranging from the obvious ailments like arthritis to conditions directly caused by inflammation such as heart disease and diabetes. Chronic inflammation is present in all lifestyle diseases, and in many cases (such as heart disease) is even the direct cause of them. It has even been...

The Multi-Purpose Life Elixir!

The healing power of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV for short) has been known for millennia—dating back to ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The Roman Army—once the most powerful and formidable conquerors of the known world—used an ACV tonic to stay strong and healthy… And Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used this amazing elixir as a...

Are these “healthy” foods causing your diabetes to get much worse? (Beware!)

Perhaps nothing is more dreadful then the diets that they put diabetics on. Of course, the diabetic diet varies over the years. In the old days, the diabetic diet was low carb, low sugar. That makes sense, because diabetics have high blood sugar. So why give them more sugar in their food? For instance, look at this...

Do you know about benefits of honey and water on empty stomach?

You probably all know the regular benefits of honey, but do you know what happens when you drink honey and water on an empty stomach ? It helps with the lazy intestine syndrome , and other stomach problems . Strengthens the immune system . It's great  against bronchitis . Clean your body from bacteria and helps to fight...

Here’s How to Get Rid of Back Acne Forever, And You Didn’t Knew It!

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural treatments for all types of acne, including that on your back. RELATED: The healing power of Apple Cider Vinegar It inhibits inflammation and bacterial growth responsible for skin breakouts, due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Plus, it helps balance the pH level of the skin, which is...

14 Early Signs Your Blood Sugar is Extremely High

It is well known about diabetes and over a prolonged period metabolism disorder, which leads to high sugar levels in blood. When it comes to diabetes needs to be said that not only people diagnosed should be worried about blood sugar level.  Healthy people, who for extended period have high blood sugar level have...

How To Use Salt Lamps For Mental Clarity And Better Sleep

Have you hear of Himalayan salt lamps before, have you heard of himalayan salt benefits? Himalayan salt lamps are used broadly and are regarded for their health benefits as well as their aesthetic beauty. It’s an excellent accent for any home and has great impacts on your health, like memory improvement, mental clarity or if you've...

Dried Plums Extremely Lowers Risk for Colon Cancer,Diabetes, Heart Disease, and More!

As with most cancers, diet is thought to play a role in your risk of colon cancer. It’s known, for instance, that a diet high in processed meats like hot dogs and certain luncheon meats, increases your risk, while a diet high in whole foods, such as vegetables and fruits, lowers it. In case you’re...




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