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Before Heading To The Naked City, Visit These Nude Beaches In India!

Yes, you read it right! Naked beaches exist in India, for real! There aren’t many, though, but that fact that there’s even one is pretty surprising, isn’t it? India has 6 nude beaches. Here you go: Marari Beach, Kerala Located in a small town called Mararikulam in Kerala, Marari beach is on the beautiful backwaters, about...

This is the most visited video lately!

backless bra
Anyone else having this annoying problem with your bra , always when you need to wear backless dress ? If you are not the one who haven't presented it's revolutionary innovation yet,  than this super simple and fast DIY video tutorial and the right one for you! YouTuber Ray Lea has come up with a creative DIY that...

Dalai Lama Personality Test

Dalai Lama personality test
It's believed that its made by itself - Dalai Lama . Take your time with this personality test and you will be amazed. Just 4 questions and the answers will surprise you how strongly accurate is. Be honest and do not cheat by looking up the answers. The mind is like a parachute, it works best when...

A Teen Has Been Killed While Playing Pokemon Go

This is the first ever death reported while playing Pokémon GO , that has now become a global rage Going out and Playing Pokémon GO turned out to be fatal for an 18-year-old Guatemalan boy, after he was shot and killed for breaking into a house while playing the game. This is the first ever...

100 Years Old Woman – Skydive Birthday Celebration

A woman in South Africa has decided to celebrate 100th birthday by performing a skydive. Georgina Harwood decided to celebrate her 100 birthday on a very different and unique way. Looks like she doesn’t even feel like 100 years old, due to the fact that she was celebrating 100 birthday skydiving above Cape Town, watched...

Which is the color of the high heel?

Are you still wondering which is the color of the dress? White-gold or blue-black ? Leave that question aside, we now have a new and equally confusing task for you. First there was a dispute over the dress and its color. And yet there is no clear and precise answer as to which is the...

Dress Left In Dead Sea Undergoes Metamorphosis

A dress left for two years in the Dead Sea underwent a stunning metamorphosis, transforming into a glittery masterpiece and captivating many. In 2014, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau dropped the black gown into the Dead's Sea's salty waters as a part of her eight-part photo series "Salt Bride," Bored Panda reports. The name and project is inspired by...

Angelina Jolie Pregnant With New IVF Baby!!!

angelina jolie pregnat
Angelina Jolie Pregnant With New IVF Baby!!! Great news has been speared in the celebrity’s world: A report claims that Angelina Jolie is allegedly pregnant again! The mother of six had her eggs frozen in 2013, after successful IVF treatment will be welcoming a new baby. Before she underwent preventive surgery in 2013, Angelina Jolie apparently...

Useful math tricks you should know

math tricks
We all know about the eternal struggle between students and Math. But the struggle would be maybe much more easier if  your teacher at school, teached you about these little math tricks...   1. How To Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius source 2. How To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head   source 3. How To Multiply By 11   source 4. Secret To Remembering The...




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