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The Secret of Natural Fruit and Vegetables Juices

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Juices
Your current health will be great if you use natural fruit and Vegetables Juices. First of all, natural fruit juices can cause a rise of blood sugar. Healthy individuals, doesn’t have problems because the natural sugars from the fruits are easily digestible. If you are healthy, the probability that you will get diabetes is very small. If...

”Low-Fat” Milk could be more dangerous than we imagine

Dairy products may be more dangerous for our health than we initially believed. Unlike organic and unprocessed, vegan dairy products, a Harvard researcher asserts that what standard dairy products represent serious threat to our health. David Ludwig, the aforementioned researcher published his work in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, that artificially sweetened beverages...

Attention – Precautions While Having Fast Food

Fast food hamburger
Precautions While Having Fast Food Health specialists indicate that eating fast food is a habit that one cannot quit easily without consistent help. · People who have developed the habit find it hard to keep away from fast food. · Everyone should be aware of the numerous ways in which it affects body health because fast food usually contains many...

Today More than Ever You Have to Change Your Live with St.John’s Wort plant

St.John’s Wort
St.John's Wort Foreign names : English: - St.John's Wort; German: Johanniskraut echtes; French: Le mille - Pertuis; Italian: Isperico Pilatre. HISTORY AND NAME EXPLANATION OF St.John's Wort: The homeland of St.John’s Wort is Europe and Siberia, but now it’s widespread in all subtropical and temperate climates. In the past this plant was used for exorcise the evil spirits...

5 Foods made in China that are filled with plastic, pesticides and cancer causing chemicals!

Numerous parts of China are really known for their fine cooking, yet its nourishment industry has taken a great deal of warmth recently for its upsetting absence of benchmarks (and all things considered).Individuals all around are keeping away from nourishment imports from China, and it’s straightforward why. For a considerable length of time, China has...

The Choice is Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary cocktail hangover
Bloody Mary, cocktail is for hangover people. It is one of the most famous cocktails in the world. The Bloody Mary cocktail has a specific taste for spices that are put into it. It is also popular because it is considered anti hangover drink. Read the recipe for its preparation and invite friends for “drunk person sober...

You’d Never Guess How to Prepare this Chocolate Sacher Cake Recipe

the klasic cocholate sacher cake
Chocolate Sacher Cake Recipe - The classic recipe Preparation time : 45 minutes without cooling Baking time: approx. 50 minutes Ingredients :   For the dough : 150 g of dark chocolate 6 egg whites 160g soft butter or margarine 160 g sugar 1 pack vanilla sugar 6 egg yolks 100g breadcrumbs   For the filling : 125 g of apricot jam   For the topping : 60 g sugar 7 tablespoon water 200 g...

Aloe Vera – Miracle of the Nature with Amazing Healing Benefits

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a plant from tropical and subtropical regions, and belongs to the family of creepers, but not from the family of cactuses as it looks. The plant is without stem, leaves with length of 75-120 cm with light green color. There are more than 200 species of Aloe but the most useful is...

Shocking Effects and Healthy Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit – Is This a Natural Superfood??

goji berries
Short history and interesting names of Goji Berry In recent years the use of goji berry is exponentially growing in European and American markets. Goji berries are coming from Himalayas where the people used them for hundreds of years as ingredients in a many recipes and also in a medicine for their excellent properties. In Asia, people called them " red diamonds...


how to lose belly fat with sassy water
Sassy water is magical drink and your first step to flat belly. Cynthia Sass, the nutritionist that actually “invented” this drink says that this magical water has amazing effect on digestive system. Ingredients: 2 liters or 8 ½ cups of fresh water; 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated; 1 medium cucumber peeled and sliced thinly; 1 medium lemon, sliced thinly; 12...

Flavorful Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chicken Vegetable Soup
Amazing Chicken Vegetable Soup Healthy chicken vegetable soup is our best friend in winter days when it’s cold and when the flu is nearby us? Easy and quick preparation of these  soup  is the main advantage.Read carefully and make it immediately!!!! Ingredients of  Chicken Vegetable Soup 100 grams chicken 100 grams carrots 100 grams cauliflower 100 grams peas 100 grams broccoli 50 grams parsley Preparation of Chicken Vegetable Soup   At...

Baked Pumpkin with Dried Fruit – Fast Recipe

Roasted pumpkin with dried fruit 01
 The Healthiest for your body - Dried Fruit Baked pumpkin, with dried fruit“any combination for any occasion”, especially you will like if you do this our option stuffed with dried fruit, flavor that will delight you and make you ask for seconds.Dried fruit is the best choice for your health.This combination is positive nutritional bomb...

No doubt that Shiitake Mushrooms Are Healthiest Foods On The Planet!

It's no secret that shiitake mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, used extensively in ancient Chinese medicine. Scientists have now proven that shiitake mushrooms offer antiviral, cholesterol-lowering and cardiovascular support, and amazingly, properties in just the right amounts to augment the immune system, revving it up or leveling it off where...

Dates – Health Benefits

While dates don't appear to be particularly special with their oddly wrinkled, brown exterior, they're satisfyingly chewy and flavorful. Undoubtedly a favorite since the Garden of Eden, dates are considered a drupe because they contain a single pit or stone at the center. Date palms, which produce these little beauties, were brought to America's Western...




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