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More than 50 million Americans have bowel issues related to colon health. While some of the problems are relatively minor like acne, sleepiness, and headaches, many others are very serious illnesses. They include: -Colitis -Constipation -Crohn’s Disease -Irritable Bowel Syndrome Plus colon issues leads to colostomy surgery for more than 100,000 people each year. Some healthcare professionals say the average...


how to lose belly fat with sassy water
Sassy water is magical drink and your first step to flat belly. Cynthia Sass, the nutritionist that actually “invented” this drink says that this magical water has amazing effect on digestive system. Ingredients: 2 liters or 8 ½ cups of fresh water; 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated; 1 medium cucumber peeled and sliced thinly; 1 medium lemon, sliced thinly; 12...

Can Being Overweight Lead to Health Problems?

Overweight Lead to Health Problems
Can Being Overweight Lead to Health Problems? Modern science has certainly had many benefits for the human society. In particular, it has revolutionized the medical field. Now, untreatable diseases are no more and healthcare services have improved greatly. However, there are new health conditions that are coming up and they are proving to be a...

Shocking Effects and Healthy Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit – Is This a Natural Superfood??

goji berries
Short history and interesting names of Goji Berry In recent years the use of goji berry is exponentially growing in European and American markets. Goji berries are coming from Himalayas where the people used them for hundreds of years as ingredients in a many recipes and also in a medicine for their excellent properties. In Asia, people called them " red diamonds...

How to do Magic Aphrodisiac Cocktail

Increase the attractiveness and sexual energy between you and your partner. Aphrodisiac Cocktail for times to remember.... Ingredients 1/2 dose vodka 1/2 dose Giant 1/2 dose of white rum 1/2 dose tequila 1/2 dose triple sec 2 doses sweet-sour sauce Pineapple juice 2 basil leaves One cherry Small piece of pineapple Sugar Preparation of absolutely the best aphrodisiac cocktail Crush the basil and sugar in a tall glass. Add ice cubes to the top...

Instant Results with the best Vegetable Juice Recipe

Vegetable Juice Recipe Juicing
Only Vegetable Juice Recipe brings you quick results of loosing a weight loss. Make Your Own Healthier Drinks. It's Easy, Cheap and Healthy. A Perfect Combination!Vegetable Juice Recipe is right choice for you. Here are some of good vegetable juice recipe that I collected from many sources.I have tried most of them and the taste is...

Fascinating Pizza Pie

Pizza pie
PREPARATION  TIME : 30 min . Cooking: 40 min . TOTAL : 1 hr 50 min .   INGREDIENTS 600 g flour, 350 ml water, 60 ml cooking oil, 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 cube fresh yeast 150 g cheese ( filling ), 150 g chicken salami 5-6 tablespoons tomato paste ( filling ), oregano   PREPARATION 1.Preparing the dough – Place the flour in a large bowl, add cube...

Make Your Day Special with Amazing Blueberry Cake

blueberry cake
Blueberry Cake for the Weekend Blueberry is used as fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam, jelly, juice, syrup, syrup or tea, and in some areas it is used as an ingredient for making wine and brandy. Something special for me is a blueberry cake.I will spend the special recipe with you. For the surface 10 g biscuits 1 teaspoon...

Attention – Precautions While Having Fast Food

Fast food hamburger
Precautions While Having Fast Food Health specialists indicate that eating fast food is a habit that one cannot quit easily without consistent help. · People who have developed the habit find it hard to keep away from fast food. · Everyone should be aware of the numerous ways in which it affects body health because fast food usually contains many...

Baked Chicken Legs in a Special Garlic Sauce That Will Blow Your Senses Away

Baked Chicken Legs in a Special Garlic Sauce
Baked Chicken Legs in a Special Garlic Sauce Blow Your Senses Away with my special garlic sauce, so  prepare this recipe for someone special.Baked chicken legs are so tasteful with these garlic sauce that i prepare for a special occasion (birthday or something else). Ingredients 3 tablespoons salt little Rosemary 4 tablespoons bread crumbs 2 pounds chicken legs 100 grams Parmesan little...

Success Can Be Yours – Top 8 Healthy Food Tips

healthy food
Top 8 Healthy Food Tips Healthy food tips to improve your health and eat healthier. Healthy and proper food is one of the most important problems of a modern people. In a modern family, where both parents work, the way of their life and their habits, they are unable to devote the time that is necessary...

Do you want to eat and still be slim? Then try this!

The so called chrono nutrition became a big hit in the past years, so did the chrono diet, which proved to be a very successful weight loss diet. Sounds promising so far. Proposed by a French doctor who believes that it’s WHEN we eat, as much as WHAT we eat that makes us either chubby or slim, first...

5 Foods made in China that are filled with plastic, pesticides and cancer causing chemicals!

Numerous parts of China are really known for their fine cooking, yet its nourishment industry has taken a great deal of warmth recently for its upsetting absence of benchmarks (and all things considered).Individuals all around are keeping away from nourishment imports from China, and it’s straightforward why. For a considerable length of time, China has...

What happens to your body when you stop eating bread?

You can not imagine the day without bread, the favorite part of every meal, can you?  But did you know that is also a carbohydrate bomb that comes in various forms , some of which are very harmful to our body and line? What will happen to your body if you completely stop eating bread ? 1. You...




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