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Super healthy homemade OREOS

I know that you were all dreaming about eating of your favorite Oreo's all day long, without huge intake of calories, and all that to be healthy! I don't think that it is a dream anymore! image source: The Food Maters Team It may be America's favorite cookie, but that this raw, healthy homemade oreos are...

My Grandmother Soft Yellow Rolls…Yummy

Yellow rolls
  My Grandmother is The Champion in Making Soft Yellow Rolls,this is her story ... Ingredients For dough  150 g mashed pumpkin 3 tablespoons oil 20 g yeast 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 tsp. sugar 125 ml kefir or yogurt 125-25ml hot water 600g flour   Coating the dough 100 g butter (or margarine with butter flavor) 1 egg For coating roller 1 egg white 1 tablespoon mayonnaise Preparation of soft yellow rolls: Put the yeast in...

When You Read How Healthy And Low-Calorie They Are, You Won’t Stop Eating Them!

Could the fountain of youth be found in fiber? It’s well documented that fiber— a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest — has numerous nutritional benefits, such as promoting a healthy digestive system, lowering cholesterol levels, and aiding in weight loss. And now, a recent study published in The Journals of Gerontology shows...

2 Minutes a Day – Easy Japanes Diet

The need for Long Breath Diet was developed by a Japanese celebrity to lose weight only by taking elongated deep breaths 2 minutes a day. Despite the popularity it has in Japan, there are questions whether or not it is effective are not. What is the long breath diet anyway? The long breath diet involves breathing in through your nose...

The best food in summer – health is wealth

healthy summer food
The best food in summer - health is wealth This is the  best foods for weight loss  in summer - because health is wealth No need to spend a fortune to enjoy healthy and delicious summer foods.Summer brings a lot of light, juicy and delicious fruits that hide wonderful healing properties. Avocado Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids it may boost...

13 Easy Tips To Look Younger

It's so simple now, just use these 13 tips as you everyday habits and results will be obvious.   Smile, wide! Young, middle-aged, and older individuals studied thousands of photographs and were asked to guess the age of models with various facial expressions. Neutral expressions yielded the most accurate results, and fearful expressions made subjects look older;...

Do you want to eat and still be slim? Then try this!

The so called chrono nutrition became a big hit in the past years, so did the chrono diet, which proved to be a very successful weight loss diet. Sounds promising so far. Proposed by a French doctor who believes that it’s WHEN we eat, as much as WHAT we eat that makes us either chubby or slim, first...

No doubt that Shiitake Mushrooms Are Healthiest Foods On The Planet!

It's no secret that shiitake mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, used extensively in ancient Chinese medicine. Scientists have now proven that shiitake mushrooms offer antiviral, cholesterol-lowering and cardiovascular support, and amazingly, properties in just the right amounts to augment the immune system, revving it up or leveling it off where...

Juicing Machine – What A Good Juicer Should Have

Vegetable Juice Recipe Juicing1
The main process performed by juicing appliance is milling the ingredients become pulp and squeezes it. Nowadays, when the appliance has been worldwide known and used. You seem have to be more careful on choosing, among thousands of brands flooded at market around you, here are good "should be" items: It should be able to be...

Tasty Pan with Rice and Minced Meat

Pan With Rice and Minced Meat
What is your favorite lunch ? Is it with rice and minced meat than this recipe is for you, straight & classic, so we recommend that you prepare at the earliest opportunity . A true gourmet delight . Good appetite . Pan with rice and minced meat PREPARATION : 30 min . Cooking: 30 min . TOTAL : 60 MIN . INGREDIENTS 200g...

How To Prepare Roasting Vegetable Tips and Tricks

roasted vegetables
Roasting vegetable tips provided here especially for newbies. I strongly encourage you not to be afraid of doing some experiments with some tools or ingredients available around you. You can always use your brain to make your work easier. Tips #1: Roasting is not steaming Do not to crowd too many ingredients (i.e. vegetables) together in the...

The Healthy Beverage with Currant and Banana

Healthy Beverage with Currant and Banana
  The need for energy plus the day you can satisfy with something like this.  Super delicious, healthy, full of vitamins and most importantly, natural beverage.   Ingedients: 120 g currant 1 banana (or less) 200 ml of clear apple juice 2 tablespoons yogurt     Preparation steps for this healthy beverage...   1. Place all the ingredients needed to prepare the drink in the blender. 2....

How to Help Yourself With Natural Remedies for Psoriasis Skin Disease

Natural Remedies for Psoriasis
How to Help Yourself With Natural Remedies for Psoriasis Skin Disease Psoriasis is a chronic and non-contagious skin disease. The causes of this disease are numerous which include seasonal changes in weather, dirt, various skin injuries, hereditary factors and often occurs and due to weakened immunity. For this reason, the treatment of psoriasis naturally can...

How Cereals Destroy Your Hormones, Zap Your Energy & Cause Weight Gain!

Most cereals are promoted as "health foods" by the giant food corporations.  However, these sinister common breakfast foods that almost everyone consumes daily are killing you slowly, zapping your energy levels, causing diabetes, excess body fat, cancer, and even faster aging in your body.  I'll explain why below... If you care at all about your...




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