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The best food in summer – health is wealth

healthy summer food
The best food in summer - health is wealth This is the  best foods for weight loss  in summer - because health is wealth No need to spend a fortune to enjoy healthy and delicious summer foods.Summer brings a lot of light, juicy and delicious fruits that hide wonderful healing properties. Avocado Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids it may boost...

Low calorie foods : containing only 100 calories

People often have no clear idea how many calories are hidden in a meal, drink or sweet treats. Helen Bond, a consultant for dietetics, decided to make a photo series that will visually present look as 100 calories from certain foods or drinks. See how the 100 calories foods looks, and choose some to add it to your...

Delicious Ideas: What Can You Do in The Molds For Muffins?

molds for muffins
Almost no home in which there is at least one mold for chocolate muffins, but it is used rarely and only for one purpose. What if we tell you that the mold for muffins is the best investment you've made in the kitchen? If for a moment sounds ridiculous and excessive, then these delicious ideas will...

Gluten: What You Should and what you Shouldn’t eat ?

gluten free
If you often bother headache or stomach pain, going through strange mood swings, may bother gluten intake. It is a substance that is found in grains, especially wheat. He belongs to the group of the biggest culprits of food allergy. Gluten allergy can bother you for years, but to suspect quite different problems and diseases. Where have...

Eating and Mental Disorders – What You Need to Know

Eating and Mental Disorders
Eating disorders are defined as a severe and uncontrollable reduction in a person's food intake, or the inability to stop eating when they are full. Unlike common misconceptions which state that unhealthy eating habits are simply a result of poor willpower, research has proven that it is an illness which is caused by a...

Can Being Overweight Lead to Health Problems?

Overweight Lead to Health Problems
Can Being Overweight Lead to Health Problems? Modern science has certainly had many benefits for the human society. In particular, it has revolutionized the medical field. Now, untreatable diseases are no more and healthcare services have improved greatly. However, there are new health conditions that are coming up and they are proving to be a...

Top 5 Detox Juices – Clean Your Body Of Toxins For Several Days

How to make five most effective detox juices? Detox juices for our body are very important, because they help to lose weight in a natural way and drop the toxins and harmful chemicals from our body. The body provides a different vitamins and minerals. We give you a five most effective detox drinks. Mango and pineapple...

All In One: The Healthiest Juice Ever Made!

The healthiest juice is made from beetroot, carrot, apple and lemon and has a great influence on your health. Put all components into your juicer and make the elixir of life. The benefits of this fresh juice are 100% proved  and based on a personal experience How to make it: 1 kg beetroot 1 carrot 2-3 green  apple(medium size) 2...

Success Can Be Yours – Top 8 Healthy Food Tips

healthy food
Top 8 Healthy Food Tips Healthy food tips to improve your health and eat healthier. Healthy and proper food is one of the most important problems of a modern people. In a modern family, where both parents work, the way of their life and their habits, they are unable to devote the time that is necessary...

Top 5 explosive healthy foods – Guess who?

healthy foods
Healthy foods for your health Each of us has some health problems. The main problem is food. In this post you will find what kind of healthy foods you should consume to have healthy body and be so happy and satisfied.   Guava - One of the Best Healthy Foods Guava is a small tropical fruit which contains...

Royal Jelly – Nutritional Bomb and Protector of Many Diseases

Royal jelly consuming
Royal Jelly - The Life Princess Royal jelly contains vitamins of B group especially high concentration of vitamins B5 and B6, vitamins A, C, D and E, various minerals, enzymes, amino acids, 18 types of many useful substances that prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria and viruses. Royal jelly is extremely nutritious, rich with various...

5 Ideas for healthy smoothie recipes

Healthy smoothies
Start the morning with a glass of healthy smoothie full of vitamins. Vitamins give energy to our body throughout the day and make you able to perform the daily activities. Cup full of vitamins protects the body from various diseases and also improve the immune system. Here, we offeer you five delicious and healthy smoothie recipes Tropical healthy smoothie...

Provide More Energy With Three Fresh Fruits – Guess Who?

Apples as fresh fruits
Fresh Fruits for This Summer - Three Superfoods In the endless sea of healthy foods and full marketplaces of various fresh fruits, we suggest you kind of foods that allows your body to satisfy the basic daily nutritional needs. Of course, you can’t eat each of these foods every day, so you can replace them...

Top 8 Summer Drinks for Weight Loss and Healthy Body

grapefruit juice
Summer drinks are the easiest and fastest choice to lose the excess of your kilograms. Many of cocktails, juices and shakes are refreshing for us, but they are full of calories. Luckily you can drink sweet and refreshing drink and start losing weight. That is possible if you know what you should put in...




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