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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

Bad sex? 10 signs you are having sex with the wrong person

unhappy couple bad sex
One of the greatest thing in a relationship besides love, is the sex. There is hardly any relationship that can succeed if the sex is unsatisfactory. But there are relationships where the woman nor the man can recognize that they are having bad sex. These are the ten major warnings that you have sex with the...

Being a beautiful woman…

Being a beautiful woman is all about having the right attitude! It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Smile! When you look happy, you look beautiful! Beauty is a state of mind.   Feel good about the way you look, right now, for your uniqueness as well as the ways you fit into common definitions of attractiveness....

How To Use Salt Lamps For Mental Clarity And Better Sleep

Have you hear of Himalayan salt lamps before, have you heard of himalayan salt benefits? Himalayan salt lamps are used broadly and are regarded for their health benefits as well as their aesthetic beauty. It’s an excellent accent for any home and has great impacts on your health, like memory improvement, mental clarity or if you've...

Aishwarya and Abhishek’s relationship headed for a divorce?

There were many rumors that this extraordinary Bollywood couple experienced bad rumors  a time ago, but the truth is that they are shining together more than ever! The love story of this charismatic couple is truly very charming and beautiful. Because of their true love and commitment towards each other, they are surely an inspiration...

Fun combinations with overalls

The fashion of the 90's is present this season , especially through cute and timeless denim overalls. Moreover, they are also convenient and easy to combine. And not just denim, this summer leather overalls are also popular or those made ​​of pleasant, summer materials with creative designs. Their length varies from extremely short and narrow...

Unusual wedding dresses 2016 collection

wedding dress designers
If classic wedding dress is not your choice for the day of your wedding, then the choice of alternatives is rich. It can be formal gown made of luxurious materials, two-part kit, even white suit. In the new resort collections many wedding dress designers played with the alternative type of weddings., almost every line can mention...

The difference between being single and being in a relationship

Are you tired of being single? Or maybe you are in a boring relationship? No matter what your status is there are some things that are undeniably different when you are in a relationship an when you are not. Here are some pictures that perfectly show the benefits of being single. And the benefits of being...

Romantic love cards for old school romance

love cards
Many years ago, lovers wrote love letters each other , and sent postcards to the promenade and walked holding hands as if it was the most entertaining thing in the world.  Today, when technology is all around us and with us, those romantic moves went a little far away in the past . Time by time people...

Acne Studios Casts 12 year old boy for Women’s Campaign

  WALK LIKE A (WO)MAN: “Walking in high heels is so hard, and I don’t understand how anyone can walk in them”, said Frasse Johansson, the 12 year old boy who appears in Acne Studios fall women’s campaign, in the latest sigh of fashion’s obsession with gender blurring. “Playing football is more my thing but...

Take a look at the most beautiful lace up high heel sandals for this summer

This summer season has started and if you haven’t yet refreshed your closet, now is the right time to choose from some of the most beautiful lace up high heel sandals for this spring-summer season. We all know that never ending love story between women and shoes. We all love them because they are giving...

Couple exploring exotic destinations will boost your desire to travel

Jay Alvarez and Alexis Rehn will boost you to fantasize about "escape" from the reality of paradise locations. This privileged couple is continuously exploring exotic destinations with their photos won thousands of fans on social networks. Take a look at their photo and video library and enjoy in their traveling to exotic destinations.   Jay Alvarez and Alexis...

Temporary tattoos as jewelry – the ultimate summer hit

Fashion imperative for this summer are the 70s, whose impact can be felt in every details of women's clothes, but what will bring freshness in this summer looks are ladies temporary tattoos. The beauty of these temporary tattoos is that they can used as jewelry or they can also be easily combined with jewelry. These...

High waist skirt for a fashion girl!

Yes, the skirts we used to think are conservative, boring, too serious and mostly dedicated for older women are The piece of cloth not only for summer outfits, but also for business combinations, daily and casual outfit or classy and evening combinations. They put an accent to the feminine side and with the right top...

Find out what sexy women do to have good sex

sexy women
Everybody wants to be good at sex, because sex is a very important aspect of any relationship. Annabel Knight, presenter and expert on good sex and relationships gives you tips on how to succeed in it. If you want to be the best sexual partner that he had, you should know these things that all...




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