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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do, At Least Once

Every pregnant women hate being told what they should and should not do – but , sometimesf orget all that un-fun stuff you're supposed to worry about and make time do some of these things!    1. PUT A SWIMSUIT IN PUBLIC. Extra points for a two-piece. Show your belly flag with pride because you’re growing  PERSON in there. So what...

Man lost his ‘tool’ thanks to this ‘anti-rape’ device

A New York woman is thanking the makers of an anti-rape device saying that it “saved her from being raped and brutally assaulted.” Michelle Kingston says she was walking home from work in the afternoon on Sunday when a man jumped out of a side alley and grabbed her. “I couldn’t scream, it happened...

Develop Magnetic Personality

Have you ever wonder what is the secret behind people who enter the room and suddenly they are in the middle of the group of people. How they attract and accomplish their goals just because of their personality… Here are some of the secrets how you can develop the Magnetic Personality step by step: Be in...

The most motivational story you will ever read!

At age 5 his Father died. At age 16 he quit school. At age 17 he had already lost four jobs. At age 18 he got married. Between ages 18 and 22, he was a railroad conductor and failed. He joined the army and washed out there. He applied for law school he was rejected. He became an insurance sales man...

Shocking Discovery ! The Best Candida Destroyer Treatment

Olive Oil
Candida Destroyer Treatment Candida lives on the people skin and inside the intestines. Before the food industry started to develop, candida never did a serious problem, but nowadays it’s feed by sugar and alcohol and starts multiply very quickly. If we ignore it, candida can be a very aggressive infection. The modern life is very stressful...

Lose Belly Fat For 5 Days With This Magic Drink!

It is a well-known fact that the stomach is the hardest place to lose fat. This especially refers to women who had children or people who tend to carry weight around the middle. Even though it can be really difficult to lose belly fat which is really stubborn, by following certain rules and making...

Images worth millions!

This  amazing photographer from Istanbul , known as INVIVO (Oz) memorized these beautiful views in cities as Amsterdam , Berlin , Stockholm and others. The most interesting thing is that he is not a professional photographer, but as a student of neuroscience! We must admit that he is really good at this! He gained the passion to...

How to Love Yourself!

how to love yourself
The greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love yourself, and learn how to love yourself with all of our imperfections and to have self confidence! To stop discrediting ourselves for everything we aren’t, and start giving ourselves credit for everything we are and to be aware that not everyone we...

Kristina Pimenova’s talents you surely didn’t know about!

the most beautiful girl in the world
Kristina Pimenova is worldwide known as the most beautiful girl, and no doubt that whoever first stated this, was absolutely right. You probably know that already. You probably also know that she is a very talented kid model also. Recently she signed a contract with a very famous LA modeling agency. //platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js But you surely didn't know that...

Dance like you have no problems in your life, and the problems will magically disappear!

Dance like you have no problems in your life, and the problems will magically disappear! Let's give a credit to this cute little guy who knows how to start the day! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujgEoOWk-KY?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Fears in SEX: What MEN fear most during Sex

willing for new sex games
How to look confident and willing for new sex games, while men are struggling with some fears. Although it seems that men are full of confidence when it comes to their sexual performance in, things are not exactly like that. They will skillfully camouflage it with acting, but we find them nightmares of most men. Fear of...

Outfit of the Day: Brownie Girl on Thursday!

Brownies , Brownie Girl
Brownies are ready to take on the world; they are adventurous, helpful and up for a challenge! Be a Brownie girl today! Brown in autumn for women is chic and cozy, stands elegantly on its own, and pairs well with other colors. It’s a friendly color and you can combine with beige, green, red, pink, nude,...

Unique rain showers ideas for your home decor

Showers are something we use every day and people don’t tend to put a lot of thought behind the design of their shower. It's not that you have to be a decor addict or following the home decoration trends, it's for your own pleasure at home. We all want to fell better when we go...

Stunning Red Dress of the New Collection of Eli Saab Glitzy Dress on Glamorous Red Carpet in Cannes!

Eli Saab in glitzy dress
Jane Fonda at Cannes Opening Ceremony in Eli Saab Glitzy Dress ! 76 years old Jane Fonda was shining on the red carpet in Cannes in a spectacular dress of Eli Saab. The actress looks fabulous even in its 80s! She’s still got it!! She arrived at the opening ceremony of the 67th Cannes Film Festival...




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