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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

Easy tips: How to look younger?

Who Says You Have to Look Your Age? Turn back the clock, by doing these lifestyle changes, that will point you how to look younger! Smile, wide! Young, middle-aged, and older individuals studied thousands of photographs and were asked to guess the age of models with various facial expressions. Neutral expressions yielded the most accurate results, and fearful expressions...

Bad sex? 10 signs you are having sex with the wrong person

unhappy couple bad sex
One of the greatest thing in a relationship besides love, is the sex. There is hardly any relationship that can succeed if the sex is unsatisfactory. But there are relationships where the woman nor the man can recognize that they are having bad sex. These are the ten major warnings that you have sex with the...

Did Patricia’s Lifesaving Weight Loss Go Too Far?

Should She Have Lost Weight Without Suffering? She Grew 20 Years Younger—Should She Have Done More than Just Gently Detox Her Body? Breanna Bond’s doctors told her she needed to lose 30 pounds in a month—a month—or she would very likely die. Leaving her daughter, 9 and already on the verge of diabetes, to grow up without...

The Russian Fat Loss Secret

Everyday we testimony the beauty that comes out of Russia. Kristina Pimenova, Valeria Sokolova, Alena Shishkova, Olya Abramovich etc... Athletic physique and performance is valued in Russia, as evidenced by the country's impressive showings in the Olympics and at other competitions in nearly every international sport. Images of Russian beauty include strength and fitness. Russian weight-loss secrets...

Find out what sexy women do to have good sex

sexy women
Everybody wants to be good at sex, because sex is a very important aspect of any relationship. Annabel Knight, presenter and expert on good sex and relationships gives you tips on how to succeed in it. If you want to be the best sexual partner that he had, you should know these things that all...

High waist skirt for a fashion girl!

Yes, the skirts we used to think are conservative, boring, too serious and mostly dedicated for older women are The piece of cloth not only for summer outfits, but also for business combinations, daily and casual outfit or classy and evening combinations. They put an accent to the feminine side and with the right top...

10 things about strong woman don’t care

strong woman
According to a study that was published in the journal "Psychological Science", women often apologize for everyday situations. It seems that the word "apology" received part of the justification for all the needs, desires and opinions that we have. That is why it may be time to focus on yourself and forget to care...

25 ways to improve your memory

From munching fish to climbing trees, there's lots you can do to keep those little grey cells sharp. Here are 25 of the most simple mental exercises that will not only make you feel better but also enhance your natural beauty. Hands up if you wish your memory was a little better? Forgetfulness is something most...

“The” purse for flawless combinations

If you are a fashion girl and you follow the latest fashion trends, there is a big chance you have already spotted this purse as part of the combinations of the world's most famous fashion girls and bloggers. The French brand "Chloé" decided to re-establish the glory to one of theirs most famous purses with...

Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning

This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism & energy levels You're bombarded with toxins in today's modern world... everywhere from the polluted air you breathe, the water you drink, the shampoos and other cosmetics that lather your body with chemicals, and of course, all of the chemical additives,...

7 Crystal Clear, Natural Pools in Italy

Sometimes , nature is the best architect , playing with hidden places and turning them into a small fortune . Exactly so are these 7 natural pools in Italy, mostly situated in southern Italy. When you are tired of  summer cliches, the crowds on the beach and beach umbrellas , start different Italian holidays and...

13 Audrey Hepburn quotes That Will Teach You Valuable Life Lessons

Following Audrey Hepburn quotes will teach you valuable life lessons I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is...

The real story about St.Valentine

Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance. That's what Valentine's day is all about, right? Well, maybe not. Let's start from the very beginning. Just, who is this St. Valentine? Why is this month associated with love and romance? How Valentines day came into practice as it is today? The origin of this holiday for the expression of...

How to Love Yourself!

how to love yourself
The greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love yourself, and learn how to love yourself with all of our imperfections and to have self confidence! To stop discrediting ourselves for everything we aren’t, and start giving ourselves credit for everything we are and to be aware that not everyone we...




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