Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini before more than a decade, came to an interesting conclusion .

According to his observations fungus Candida , cancer and baking baking soda are closely related concepts .

He is deeply convinced that the Candida albicans is the main cause of cancer , and that the cure for cancer is the soda.

baking soda against cancer

Here’s on what this is based the Theory and Practice of Dr. Tullio Simoncini . Candida albicans is in the body of every healthy man , and it does not represent any particular danger . The danger arises when candidates begin to multiply uncontrollably , which can happen for several reasons : the use of certain types of drugs ( antibiotics , contraceptives … ) , disturbed nutrition , low immunity , stress … He argues that cancer is nothing but candida infection , and that the cancer cells from the defense cells of the organism . When Candida persistently atacks the internal organs , the body is forced to build a defensive barrier to stop her , but it seems with the help of their own cells . According to him , just those cells constitute  cancer  that is malignant cells.

When candida wins , cancer wins

Since it is well known that the candida very quickly adapts classical drugs against glivic , during searchings of this issue he came up to conclusion that candida can’t resist against baking soda . Thus , referred to the folk medicine . Traditional Indian medicine and medicine of the ancient Egyptians to treat glivic diseases have used the natural resources with a strong base effect , just like a baking soda . That would be his opinion on Candida , cancer and the baking soda .

baking soda

If this discovery is confirmed and a scientific point of view , humanity would have taken another triumph over the evil diseases , that would be beating cancer .

However , there is still no scientific confirmation . Therefore, the ultimate goal of this site in any case is not recommended for treatment of cancer , but to the essence of the whole story the reader to stimulate thinking . The final word  has to be given by modern medicine with the help of top experts in that  field . Until then, however, and after that , for all cancer patients is recommended mandatory adherence to the prescribed therapy . Even if baking soda one day becomes officially confirmed cure for cancer therapy would be of course , like any other form of serious treatment of deadly diseases that are classified as malignant diseases , conducted under the strict supervision of a specialist .

What you can do independently to check if  you have raised levels of candida in the body.


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