Almost no home in which there is at least one mold for chocolate muffins, but it is used rarely and only for one purpose.


What if we tell you that the mold for muffins is the best investment you’ve made in the kitchen?

If for a moment sounds ridiculous and excessive, then these delicious ideas will remain amazed how far do you think of.

1. Croft

The dough is the same, you just put in the mold coated with margarine instead of frying oil per liter.


2. Mini servings of macaroni

After you boil macros, put one in the basket of muffins molds and lay into them. Narendajte cheese, cheese, chop salamche, season, pour the cream …


3. Potpechen rice

Rather than serve saw and white, put in coated mold muffins and baked it. You can always spice to taste.


4. Mini omelets

Delicious omelet this time do it in kalapche for muffins and take it to work or repack it to the kids for a snack.


5. fried eggs with bacon

Cut circles bread mold according mafia Arrange bacon and pour a fried egg. Taste not describe!


6. baked oatmeal

If you bored every morning to have a liquid breakfast, this time oatmeal baked January Season with cinnamon and walnut.


7. Mini hot dog

Make salty dough Rolled metal: sheet into a mold and place in the middle ΒΌ cut hot dog. Within minutes you have a delicious breakfast, dinner or appetizer.


8. Lasagne

Instead bakes, this time as the special baked muffins.


9. Spaghetti

Boil them, rotate them in the mold of muffins and pour sauce optional.


10. Instant Coffee

Brewed coffee, but this time concentrated. Put 10-12 tablespoons coffee in 3 cups water and sugar if desired.You can add cream and mix to put into molds and freeze. After a few hours remove frozen muffins coffee, pour the hot milk and enjoy.



You have any idea?


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