Here, we’re giving you something very tasty for you to prepare.Easy chicken recipe.

Your Sunday’s can be so incredible preparing one of the best chicken recipe.

Roll Filling Chicken



Preparation of Easy Chicken Recipe:


Wash and drain the steak pieces and cut them in half of their thickness. You’ll get 4 pieces of the same size. If you want the rolls to be larger then you don’t have to cut the steaks.

Fry the eggs with a little salt. Cut the smoked sausage and the cheese in very small cubes.

Cut the parsley to diced. With the knock of meat thinned the steak slices. Each steak should be sprinkled with salt and brush with the half teaspoon of mustard.

In the middle of steak spread the fried eggs and also the smoking sausages and cheese cubes.

Then sprinkle the parsley.

Start rolling the meat.  Wrap the meat with thin slice of bacon.

Place the roll in an ovenproof bowl, bat don’t forget to put oil inside.

Bake until the bacon get lightly brownish color.


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