raspberry ketone

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Also known as: Cetona de Frambuesa, Cétone de Framboise, Raspberry Ketones, Red Raspberry Ketone, RK.

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound found in raspberries, blackberries and cranberries as well. This compound has made its way into the weight loss world and is quite common amongst dietary supplements.

Raspberry ketone is not only found in weight loss products, it can also be found in foods as a flavoring and fragrance agent; it has been used in cosmetics as well. The chemical compound is responsible for giving raspberries their fantastic aroma. Pure raspberry ketone extract amounts range from 1 mg to 4 mg for every kilogram of raspberries.

What Science Says about Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss

Raspberry ketone has been widely praised as a great weight loss ingredient.

Below are some of the results realized from the clinical studies.

  • Raspberry ketone can help enhance the fat burning process
  • It can reduce fatty tissue in the body

Animal studies show that raspberry ketenes can help in speeding up the body’s fat burning action. The compound helps produce a hormone which helps break down fat cells faster, especially in the liver. This can help you lose weight faster. These same benefits can be realized by eating the whole fruit but you would have to consume about 90 pounds to get the same effect.

Research shows that when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise, raspberry ketones can help you lose weight. According to a Korean study conducted in 2010, researchers concluded that the stimulation of lipolysis could help suppress the accumulation of fat, and therefore help prevent obesity.


Is It Safe?

Following the banning of raspberry ketone supplements in the UK by the Food Standards Agency, concerns have emerged concerning how safe this compound is.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There are no known side effects
  • The fruit extract is considered safe for use

Raspberry ketones were FDA approved in 1965 as food additives, which is an indication that they are safe to use. However, it’s important to note that there are no conclusive studies conducted on humans that support their use as weight loss supplements.

That said; there are no known side effects that have found with raspberry ketone, in terms of using the ingredient for weight loss.

There is no denying the wonderful wonders of raspberry ketones. These compounds are not only said to be effective in weight loss, they also contribute to lower blood sugar levels as well as restrict aging, owing to its anti-aging properties.

How and Does it work?

The wonders of raspberry ketone in terms of burning fat have been widely publicized with renowned physicians, such asDr. Oz endorsing the supplements.

A lot of people are still not certain whether this wonder ingredient works and how it works. Today, we will be giving you first-hand information on this compound, helping you understand how it works and how safe it is for your use.

How Raspberry Ketone Work

Raspberry ketones work by:

  • Eliminating fat storage in the body

Did you know that your body naturally produces ketones? Well, it does and these are produced when your body is starved or after strenuous work outs. Ketones are known to help break down fat which is the next source of energy when sugar is unavailable.

Raspberry ketones work by altering with the metabolism of fat, thus preventing obesity. Studies show that this compound helps the body enhance its adiponectone protection, which in turn breaks down fat and regulates metabolism as well. Animal studies also show that raspberry ketones can help reduce abdominal fat, which is a stubborn fat stored in the liver.

Are They Safe?

There is not much scientific research concerning the long term effects of raspberry ketones. However, we can expect that there are some negative health effects that may come about with improper dosages and prolonged use.

It’s believed that:

  • Raspberry ketone supplements can be harmful to patients with chronic conditions
  • Norepinephrine in raspberry ketones can cause high blood pressure

Raspberry ketones are safe.

However, like any other compound, they also have some side effects. The compound is thought to boost norepineohrine production which may be harmful to the nervous system; it may also be harmful to patients suffering from chronic conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and high blood pressure.

It’s always important to understand how a particular product works before you start using it. Raspberry ketones are effective in terms of weight loss, provided they are consumed in the proper dosage.

What are the main ingredients?

Did you know that there are a lot of raspberry ketone products and supplements on the market today that do not contain the extract itself? Sounds creepy, but true!

It’s important that you take a look at the ingredient list of the raspberry ketone supplements you are about to buy. This aromatic compound is known to help your weight loss efforts when combined with a good diet and work out.


Are there any Side Effects?

If you are interested in taking raspberry ketone but are unsure of the side effects, we have that information laid out for you in this article.

Understanding the side effects of supplements you intend to consume is important; it helps you avoid products that may be harmful to your overall health. Some products are safe to use on their own, but may have adverse, even prove to be potentially life threatening when combined with certain other ingredients or taken by people with certain conditions.

The Side Effects

It’s important that you understand that raspberry ketones have only been studied in animals and not humans.

The following side effects have risen from use of this compound:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Jitteriness
  • Palpitations

There have been reports that raspberry ketones could increase your heart beat, bringing about palpitations and jitteriness. There have also been concerns about the presence of synephrine which is a stimulant found in this compound. It is also said to increase blood pressure which can be dangerous to your health.

Precautions and Warnings

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for raspberry ketones and the following groups of people are advised to take caution.

  • Expectant mothers
  • Breast-feeding mothers
  • People suffering from chronic conditions

Patients suffering from chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic pulmonary disease and heart disease are advised to avoid raspberry ketones, due to side effects such as palpitations and jitteriness.

Patients with high blood pressure also should not take the compound, as it has a chemical known to increase blood pressure. Expectant women and breast-feeding mothers are advised to stay away from this compound, because there is still insufficient research concerning its effects.

Information on raspberry ketone is still quite sketchy, but there are some ongoing studies undertaken with a view to establishing its effects on humans.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

Raspberry ketone is a great weight loss supplement that promises to deliver visible results in as little as two weeks. Understanding proper dosage is essential in ensuring that you get the most out of this wonderful supplement.

Recommended Dosage for Raspberry Ketone

Below is the recommended dosage for this supplement.

  • Between 100 mg and 200 mg daily
  • Once or twice a day with meals

It’s recommended that you take raspberry ketone once a day, preferably at breakfast. However, depending on your weight loss goals, you could increase your intake to 200 mg daily, taken at breakfast and lunch. It’s important to note that different Raspberry Ketone products will come with their distinct recommended dosage so make sure that you read the product label.

Where to buy?

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