Somewhere in this world, far away from your… And there are thousands of people around you, people that love you, people that are always here for you, but your world is still epmty. There are moments when you feel his absence , you feel him in the air, and every little moment reminds you of him. You think that you replace the attention of only one person with ten others…but still, is only one in your mind.

Soulmates Don’t Exist or …

Yes, he is not perfect, just because of the fact that he is man, but he is perfect for you, he fits in your world, he brings smile on your face when you think of him. You can fall asleap, wake up, drink your morning coffee and have breakfast…but all these daily activities would look better if you could share it with him.

I often wonder, do you believe in soulmates ?


How should he look like? Do you see your male version in him? Or, he is totally opposite of you, like minus and plus? Do you feel the rhythm of your heartbeat when you think that that might be HIM?

I like the debates about the differences between man and woman…What can do women that man can not do, and opposite…Or the when people discuss that men are from Mars, and women from Venus… Oh, man and

I love the conversation about existing or not soulmate…If sometimes you fell the butterfly in your stomach for a moment, if you felt you was melting in his arms once, if you felt the warmness in your chests… and you thought that maybe he is the one, don’t waist you time and leave it to coincidence.

Grab your chance and fight for what you want and Believe in Soulmates.

If you fell the energy and chemistry that really worth trying it, use your chance maybe that is the person who will bring the sparkle in your eyes.

Do Guys Believe in Soulmates ?   or Do Men Believe in Soulmates ?

big mistery …


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