When thinking of that ideal country for sailing, spending a vacation merely on waters – or even yachting: Croatia is the ideal choice. The Adriatic Sea, its coasts and islands deliver you a great amount of pleasure while sailing – something you can hardly experience elsewhere.

For those who are eager to explore some more information before heading to a lovely vacation: The Adriatic Sea is located amid the Italian and Croatian coast. Interestingly, the sea on the Croatian side is a lot more interesting due to the large number of capes, bays and more than a thousand islands and smaller islets.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself among the thousands of sailors that visit this wonderful destination each year. It is impossible to sail around all the attractive areas of the ​​Croatian Sea in a few days, so prepare yourself more time to fully enjoy the Adriatic.

This coast has more than fifty marinas that are purposefully positioned all the way from north to south of the islands. In addition to almost any place on the coast and islands there are harbors and moorings where boaters can take shelter in case of bad weather, or overnight.

Start your boating experience in Split – The heart of Dalmatia

Split – less known for its Ancient names – Aspalatos, Spalatum or Spljet is the heart of Dalmatia region, the location your boating experience in Croatia will have its proper start. This starter location has plenty high mountains with striking views that will fill up your spirits just when it should – on the mere start.

As the biggest port in Croatia region, this city is the right choice for your boating vacation in the country with thousand islands. The astounding Vis, Korcula as well as the lovely Hvar can be reached easily by boat.

Whether you are sailing in spring or during the entire sunny summer, at this starter location you will have a chance to meet other adventurers and share some experiences with them. The friendly atmosphere in the Croatian seaside may even make you want to share your boat and spend your trip with some lovely same-minders.

This way, your vacation may become more of a social activity and definitely a destination where you will love to come back more than once. Once you reached your starter sailing destination – what’s up to you is to treat yourself with the most relaxing holiday and an unforgettable experience.

Searching for a boat rental company? Book2Sail is the Ultimate Stop

What you should have done before even heading to the lovely Adriatic Sea is searching for the perfect boat for you and your upcoming vacation.

The wide array of boat choices at Book2Sail will be more than enough – even for the most sophisticated boaters.

This professional boat rental company offers you a range of services and will respond as soon as possible by giving you a complete and detailed offer for your sailing vacation.

Already did this important steps? Then most probably the boat you already rented in Croatia from Book2Sail already waiting for you here, in Split. Look around, get on that boat and have an unforgettable trip!

It certainly is risky and maybe at first a bit frightening, but once you do step on that boat you chose – nothing can change your mind.



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