PREPARATION  TIME : 30 min . Cooking: 40 min . TOTAL : 1 hr 50 min .



600 g flour, 350 ml water,

60 ml cooking oil, 2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 cube fresh yeast

150 g cheese ( filling ), 150 g chicken salami

5-6 tablespoons tomato paste ( filling ), oregano


Pizza pie


1.Preparing the dough – Place the flour in a large bowl, add cube fresh yeast, salt, water and sugar. Knead to get homogeneously dough. Cover with a cloth and let it grow in a warm place at least of double. 2.The dough can be divided in two parts . On the first section, twist the dough in a round form and take a plate and cut with it . 3. Remove the excess dough,twist again and cut to another same round. 4.The one of rounds place to the frying pan which is spread with oil, and set aside the other ( you will need It later) . 5.The second dough twist  into a large rectangle crust with a dimensions 45 cm x 35 cm . 6.The tomato mash season with an oregano and vegeta spice and spread the rectangle crust . 7.Add the yellow cheese and equally spread over the rectangle crust . 8.Chopped the chicken salami and arrange on rectangular crust . 9. Cut the rectangular crust of equal width strips (5 cm). 10.The first roll tape bent in a roll, place on the second  and fold a greater roll with both. 11.Repeat the procedure with all remaining strips of a dough. 12. The whole dough bent in the roll, switch on the first round crust. 13. From above, insert the second round crust. 14.Press the edges and fold them . Allow it to warm about 20 minutes to rise slightly. 15. In meanwhile, turn the oven to 180 degrees. Pizza pie need to bake for 40 minutes. 16. Pizza pie leave to cool and then cut it.


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