September issue of Harper’s Bazaar will be hot, especially if we judge by the photos of Sharon Stone. She gives an interview in which somehow tells the story of his life, and all that followed with her nude photos. From applications, we can see that the 57-year-old actress did not succumb to the ravages of time.

In the conversation, Sharon Stone recalls it like to collaborate with the best of the industry, but also the difficult moments in life. In 2001, the actress face health problems, specifically with aneurysm and cerebral bleeding that lasted nine days. Emerged from the hospital unable to perform basic functions go normally, read …

Sharon Stone stripped down

I remember when I went to the doctor after losing consciousness at home and asked him: “I am dying”, he replied that bleeding in the brain. I told him: “You should call her my mother,” and he confirmed: “Yes, it would be good, because soon you may lose the ability to speak”

Two years were necessary for her body to absorb all the internal bleeding.

harpers bazaar Sharon Stone stripped down

-I Feel like my whole DNA is changed. My brain is not the place where he was, my body has changed, even food allergies me different. It took me months to regain sensitivity lev foot and years to regain the vision of what normlano functioning. I became more emotionally intelligent. I decided to work hard to open and other parts of my brain. Now I’m stronger. And I can be painfully direct. It scares people, but it’s not my problem. (Laughs). Something like this: “I had brain damage, so you see what you will do.”

Surpassing that barrier, welcomes new. After a few years, her marriage to journalist Phil Bronshtajn breaks down and she lost custody of their adopted son Roan, who at the time eight years.

But however things were black, Sharon continued to do the work as part of the cast of Law & Order.

harpers bazaar Sharon Stone stripped down

The preparation and the result of the photo-op, where he displayed his naked body once again reminded of all its seductiveness, charms and natural beauty, which actually launched in Hollywood. Although there 57 years, the team of the magazine says that was not even a little nervous while shooting photos.

Aware that perfection is an illusion of any age, Sharon Stone says that this photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar it is far easier than for Playboy in her younger days:

-I’m aware that my butt looks like a bag cereals (laughs), but I tend to be a woman who looks best in the world. At some point you start to wonder what is really sexy? It is not just the increase in your breasts. It is your presence, the ability to have fun and love yourself, to be able to love and the person who is with you. But at the time I recorded Basic Instinct, I thought it was sexy to be who you are, today we would have tough days – she says.

Also highlight the underestimation in the film industry. “If you’re beautiful, you are not a good actress” is a stereotype that is often faced and fought to prove the opposite.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges, Sharon Stone did not lose her sense of humor, and confirmation of this is the way it ends the conversation for Harper’s Bazaar.

-If there is some adult that  is going to go out with me, let him call the Harper’s Bazaar!

Sharon Stone.


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