Manuka honey is one of the healthiest honeys in the world.

It is a monofloral honey produced from manuka flowers (Latin: Leptospermum scoparium).

It is known that manuka honey has exceptional antibacterial properties that are not destroyed during watering, at sunlight or on the heat.

Manuka honey benefits

Several factors are responsible for these kinds of properties: a high concentration of therapeutic substances, low water content, low acidity and the presence of specific therapeutic compounds from manuka flowers.

It is considered that is effective against Helicobacter pylori – which cause the gastric ulcers, Escherichia coli – the cause of infected wounds and Streptococcus pyogenes – the cause of sore throats.

The effectiveness of manuka honey is confirmed by many users who say that in the short time were missing shingles, fungus on their feet, pure and even serious infections such as pressure sores, sepsis and MRSA.







Manuka honey benefits:

  • Is effective in mild and severe infections
  • It’s used when antibiotics are no effective
  • It helps with burns
  • Temporarily relieves pain in wounds and help for their healing
  • The best cure for ulcers

Manuka honey helps in many other symptoms as:

Milk Honey Oatmeal

How to recognize the real manuka honey

There are a lot of different manuka honeys.

What kind of manuka honey should be depends of the season and the origin of the active ingredient which are varying. The best quality of manuka honey depends of UMF (Unique Manuka Factor).

It is a certificate which indicates that it is a real and pure manuka honey with active compounds.

UMF factor:

UMF factor / 5-9 for the maintenance of health and immunity

UMF factor / 10-14  is suitable for the treatment of ailments

UMF factor / 15 +  honey with the highest quality and high antibacterial activity and therapeutic

Manuka honey

Using the manuka honey

For oral use is taken only one teaspoon of manuka honey three times a day, but if is an acute inflammation the usual dose is one tablespoon every hour.

Manuka honey can be used as the same as other honeys: orally, topically, for the skin care and cooking.

This honey shouldn’t be used by people who are allergic to bee products, and children younger than one year.

Lemonade with manuka honey

Grate two teaspoons ginger, squeeze the juice of one lemon, add 0.75 L of water and manuka honey for taste.

Consuming everyday manuka honey is going to results with more energy and better health.



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