Healthy eating for breakfast – Full of health for all day

The best choice for your breakfast is the Grains. But not all grains are healthy, so before you buy them you have to read what is written of the packaging. In some of them you will discover that 100 grams of grains contain only 480 calories. To be much more clearly – human’s body needs to receive 1500-2000 calories per day.

healthy eating breakfast

It’s always better to choose grains without extra sugars, so every morning should start with cornflakes and chocolate milk. Try wheat or buckwheat cereal (containing a rice grains, vitamins B1 and B2, and they are healthier than other cereals).

The ideal breakfast relatively small portion mix of grains and fruits over 30 grams, but if you like to lose weight only 20 grams.

Milk or low fat cheese is very important if we combine with grains. It means that you wouldn’t be hungry so far because milk and his products help to feel satiety for a long time.

Meanwhile, if you get an irresistible desire for sweets, serve yogurt and fruits.


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