Perhaps nothing is more dreadful then the diets that they put diabetics on.

Of course, the diabetic diet varies over the years.

In the old days, the diabetic diet was low carb, low sugar. That makes sense, because diabetics have high blood sugar. So why give them more sugar in their food?

For instance, look at this 1917 cookbook for diabetics:


This diet worked, and it helped a lot of diabetics live healthier lives, but somewhere along the line, things changed (for the worse)….

Now look at the diet being recommended today for diabetics:

unnamed (1)

So, egg substitute, skim milk and non fat yogurt is okay today.

What happened?

These new foods contain loads of bad ingredients that may be CAUSING diabetes to get worse.

For instance, the new diets contain really bad fats, highly inflammatory omega six fats.

No wonder diabetics are getting worse. No wonder more men are diabetic than ever before.

And the average diabetic is given six different big Pharma chemicals to take every day.

Do you think there’s a link between the two items? The bad diet is being recommended, and all the pills they are recommending?

Learn the truth about diabetic diets (now and then) right here


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