Ginger is the underground rhizome of the ginger plant, with a special place in many kitchens because of its specific aroma and spicy taste that sets apart from other spices, but also for its medical benefits.

Ginger root contains only 80 calories per 100 grams of product (~18grams of carbohydrates, ~2grams of protein, ~1 gram of fats). It has a host of minerals and a few vitamins. These include calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium and sodium. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber and essential oils. Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for several centuries. This is because of the potent compounds it contains which assure several benefits.

Fresh rhizomes of root ginger and a small container of the ground spice used as a flavouring in cooking
Fresh rhizomes of root ginger and a small container of the ground spice used as a flavoring in cooking.


It helps with digestion

Ginger tea is very effective and helps to easier absorption of nutrients from food. It also relieves flatulence and intestinal gas, but also regulates appetite.

It boots your immune system

Ginger tea also contains antioxidants that help improve the immune system. Studies show that this tea prevents from cancer.

It relieves menstrual pain

Powerful ginger tea helps in alleviating menstrual pain and cramps, and linings of tea can relax the abdominal muscles.

Stress less with a ginger tea

It has a calming effect and reduces stress and tension. It is because of its specific and strong flavor and antioxidant gingerol, which helps cleanse the harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried, so ginger can help psychological stress too. Stimulates alertness and increases energy.

Increases fertility

Studies have shown that daily consumption of ginger tea can increase sperm count and help in erectile dysfunction. Also ginger has a strong aphrodisiac effect, which positively impacts the sexual libido.

Other benefits

Can help you with migraine and headache treatment

Fight infections

It helps in detoxification

Slow the growth of cancer cells

Can help to reduce cholesterol levels

How to make homemade ginger tea?

It's Ginger time
It’s Ginger time!

Preparation of tea from fresh ginger:

Peel the ginger and slice thinly to maximize the surface area. This will help you make a very flavorful ginger tea. Boil the ginger in water at least 10 minutes. For a stronger and tangiest tea, allow to boil for 20 minutes or more, and use more slices of ginger. Remove from the heat and add lime juice and honey to taste.

Preparation of tea from ginger powder:

In a cup of boiling water add ½ teaspoon of ginger powder. Cover the cup and leave the liquid to cool 10-15 minutes before consummation.

Ginger is equally good medicine for both the body and the mind. It improves concentration and memory, nourishes the body and stimulates the release of energy, but because of these features, it is not recommended for night consummation, because it can cause insomnia.