The main process performed by juicing appliance is milling the ingredients become pulp and squeezes it.

Nowadays, when the appliance has been worldwide known and used. You seem have to be more careful on choosing, among thousands of brands flooded at market around you, here are good “should be” items:

  • It should be able to be operated at low speed, so it will not damage the veggies or make it too foamy. The high speed heats up the ingredients you are processing and cause damage to some of perishable nutrients in the veggie
  • It should not be too noisy, for not disturbing the surrounding activities. In fact, that high speed is the reason why it sounds so loud when it is running.
  • It should be versatile, can handle some for giving you more flexibility and give your money an adding value of buying one appliance that match for many functions. Some another functions could be handled are mincer/chopper, and food mill.
  • It should be easy to clean up. When it so, you will enjoy cleaning it, and that will be great for maintenance. In the opposite, if you find that it takes too long to clean it up, just like most people will do, you just take another drinks.

Vegetable Juice Recipe Juicing1

You can also consider blender as back up appliance. You will need it when you want to combine the juice with another ingredients for flavor or healthier purpose. 
However, they can not substitute each other function. Here’s why…

Blender as its name is specialist on blending, after in such a way cutting the ingredients to small and fine cuts.

Even if physical appearances of both appliances result look similar, that is pulpy, but the quality of nutrition as the whole of process mean to, is quite different.

Blender has also some speed options, and you can adjust the speed while you are running it. Meanwhile, most of juicer has only one speed. So, in order to meet the above condition about the speed, you would rather be careful. Do not be cheated by blender type juicer.

My suggestion is, for the best nutrition, use them exactly as their function. In the meantime, we can hope that in the future, there will be a compact appliance that enables us to do both process in one go, since it quite possible.

As back up appliance, I suggest you to own blender, too. But if you can only buy only one appliance this time, it would be better if you buy juicer first, and blender in some other time.


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