The fact that you are living your 5th decade, doesn’t mean that you can’t look great in your 40s. In this modern time that we are living in 40s are the new 30s, but you still have to take care not to pass the line of appropriate.


High heels boots and flat ones are totally allowed, but you should find the right way to combine them in your fashion combinations. Mini skirt or dress, is not one of them. It will create a completely opposite effect, even if your body is in excellent shape. Also if you combine them with leather pieces – pants, skirts, dresses, or any shiny fabric, it will create a negative effect. When you choose high boots, select simple and classic models, and yet trendy.Those with many patents, laces or other decorations, do no good for you.


Do not be afraid of trendy clothes. But always keep in mind that not all trends are suitable for all ages and not all trends are good for all body types.

That is a rule that applies to those at 20 and those of 40 and 60 years. Specifically those in the 40s, one rule still applies: Regardless of how much your body is in a good shape, do not reveal too much. Short shirts, mini skirts and shorts are inappropriate, you can dispose from your wardrobe. There are many interesting ways to look great in your 40s highlight your body – dress that follows the line of the body,  proper shape pants, skirts with high waist, etc.


You can look great in your 40s and still and stick to jeans , but be careful of what type you buy . Do not buy those that are tattered and ragged torn many parts (those that are actually in nowadays) or those that are ” faded “. Good choices are neither those “boyfriend jeans” nor those with too high waist . Likewise, always pick dark shades over light ones.


Every woman that takes care of her appearance must have several pieces in her wardrobe that never lose actuality and style. If you are in the 40s, you should keep several blazers preferably in darker shades in your wardrobe. Always choose a certain color before print. Even if you choose print be careful with the colors. You do not want to look “cute”, but sophisticated. The list continues with long pants appropriate to your body shape and a dress you can wear on formal occasions that will make you look and feel fantastic. And yes, it doesn’t have to be black!


And finally , something that applies to all ages, but becomes even more important when you turn 40 – dress as befits you and corresponds with your age years and with the style that you prefer!

If you want to look great in your 40s follow this one rule:  If something does not feel comfortable, but it’s trendy, simply not wear it.


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