Goat whey is green-yellow liquid, which represents a by-product in the production of cheese or casein coagulation.

This so-called by-product, until recently, many dairies were considered as a simple waste.

The situation is quite changed since then.

Today is safe to say that goat whey is the number one ingredient in the diet therapy.

Goat whey is healthy ingredient with numerous health benefits

The diet with goat whey is recommended primarily for its medicinal properties, particularly in restoring liver function


Here we will explain how to drink and dosage goat whey during a day.

What is the composition of whey?

Whey contains live bacterial cultures that are very similar to those we can find in plain yogurt and is a true elixir for our intestines.

It is very healthy because it contains minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, zinc, magnesium, cobalt, manganese and molybdenum, or has a higher concentration of lactic acid and enzymes.

Lactic acid manages to maintain a low pH value in our intestines and effectively eliminate all harmful bacteria and fungi.

In addition, low PH value also stimulates peristalsis, which provides balanced and normal bowel movements.

Whey should be taken regularly In the same way as sour milk and yogurt, especially with frequent stomach bloating, stool who are not regular, diverticulitis, colitis and chronic inflammation of the intestine.

Whey proteins help in weight loss, causing a feeling of fullness because the effect of raising the levels of a hormone that suppresses appetite.

Whey proteins are the same as those in the breast milk, and among them, the protein alpha-lactalbumin is the most common.

It is a valuable protein, which is A source of an elementary natural amino acid, it binds calcium and strengthens our bones and teeth, improves mood and helps with depressive states.

In addition, to alpha – lactalbumin, goat whey contains immunoglobulins – antibody (about 10 percent), and lactoferrin (in about 2 percent protein) which play a very important role in the prevention of various inflammations.

Pathogenic bacteria and fungi use an iron to spread and grow, and as lactoferrin binds iron, thus effectively inhibits the growth of pathogens mentioned above.

Lactoperoxidase is also a protein contained in the whey, which as well as lactoferrin, prevents the growth and spread of bacteria.

It is important to strengthen the immune system and protect us from infections.

The ideal ingredient to boost immunity

The healthy benefits of whey are primarily proteins, which play a major role in strengthening the immune system.

These proteins are indispensable in people with poor appetite, especially after some long illness or the elderly, who should regularly consume this healthy ingredient.

In addition, to boosting and strengthens the immune system and prevent many diseases, it is one of the main ingredients in sports, but also all other formulas for power.

It is used in the production of baby food, as well as nutrition of pregnant women because an increased need for protein.

If you are stressed it`s necessary to drink whey

Goat whey is recommended to all who are under stress because it contains an amino acid that produces serotonin – we call it the hormone of happiness, it relieves fatigue and muscle cramps.

Another great benefit of whey protein for older people is based on their ability to prevent osteoporosis (weakening of bone mass), a characteristic just for people in this age.

Research in Boston have shown that insufficient intake of protein in later years leads to a significant reduction in bone density, particularly femur and spine, and whey powder can compensate that, even in people who are allergic to lactose (milk sugar).

How is it made whey with lemon?

Boil a liter of milk, in which you add lemon juice squeezed from one lemon while the milk is still hot (boiling).

Let all together stand for a while.

When you notice that is separating the green – clear liquid, which is called whey.

Collect the liquid and put it in a separate bottle.

Then place the drink in the fridge.

All that is left in the pot is a good quality cheese and you can use it in your diet.

Today is certainly the most admired goat whey, which herbalists and doctors considered an indispensable natural remedy for liver regeneration and strengthening the immune system.

If you make whey from cow’s milk, you also get a very powerful tool.

From 10 liters of milk is obtained by an average of 1 kg of cheese and 9 liters of whey.

It`s recommended equally by dietitians and doctors because it has many benefits for human health.

Whey for weight loss achieved remarkable results because in 1 l of whey contains twice fewer calories than there are in the same quantity of milk.

Certainly, if your priority is overweight, it`s not enough just to drink whey, but you should also have daily physical activities.

The treatment of liver with whey gives results

Perhaps the most important feature of goat whey as a medicine is that it successfully regenerates the liver, the largest gland in the body and the only internal organ that has the power of renewal (regeneration).

Liver diseases are among the most common causes of death, and it is very important to take care of it better.

The liver performs many, very complex and also very important functions in our body.

Its role is essential in the processing of food and unavoidable in the detoxification of the body.

Synthetic drugs, which we buy in pharmacies, are burdening the body because they contain a foreign and unnatural substances for our organism.

Just because of that the whey powder or whey in liquid form is recommended in the case of longer and more commercial drug therapy.

Then, in the longer period, we should daily drink half a liter to one-liter whey and, at the same time, avoiding fatty foods, alcoholic and soft drinks, cigarettes and other substances proven to deplete our liver.

In order to achieve what colors and faster and better healing, preferably at the same time regularly eat fresh cheese, the best breakfast on an empty stomach.

Whey proteins are recovering muscles

Goat whey cleans the blood vessels of cholesterol, removes plaque deposited on teeth, preventing that they break down and decay that occurs, regenerates and protects the liver.

With all that stated whey proteins are processed directly in our muscle tissue, allowing very rapid muscle recovery immediately after training.

All other proteins are processed by our liver.

The whey contains all necessary essential amino acids, it is an extraordinary natural antiseptic, as successfully treat a sore throat and respiratory tract.

If you drink the goat whey as a medicine on a daily basis, you will do a lot to prevent many diseases.

If it`s taken orally, you can put a small or large spoon whey with water and drink directly with meals.

In this way, it regulates the secretion of gastric acid and will help mainly the colon.

Whey therapy is known in the treatment of intestinal ailments, such as irregular bowel movements, then the various hormonal disorders, obesity, impaired circulation, clogged arteries and the like.

It can be found in liquid form and as a whey powder.



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