Meat With Sauce Of Parsley

Meat Sauce Parsley





Step 1: We will start by preparing the meat. Pound the cutlets to be a softer. Season them with salt and pepper. Fry them in hot oil until golden on both sides. Step 2: After a little frying the cutlets, add the wine and laurel leaves, cover with lid and allow braising 10 minutes at a lower temperature. Then remove the lid, shortly fry them on both sides after the liquid has evaporated Step 3: Chop the parsley and fry it in melted butter 3-4 minutes. In to the fried parsley, add the water and half lemon juice and allow to boiling at a lower temperature. Blend the sour cream with the flour and add it to the boiling mixture. Cook the sauce for ten minutes with occasional stirring. Step 4: Serve and pour the sauce of parsley.


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