Healthy Tips for Food That We Put in Our Body Natural and Organic

Organic and natural food nowadays ? Do we still have it? It is no secret that we are living in a world that is becoming increasingly unhealthy, or that such unhealthiness has extended towards the food we put in our bodies. Unlike our grandparents, or even our parents, the generations of today were not raised on a wholesome diet of natural and organic food. Most of us, especially those who were raised in cities, have been consuming unnatural and toxic substances such as refined sugar, sodas, table salt, and much more ever since we can remember – and unfortunately, as a result of this, very few of us realize that such foods are damaging to our bodies in the first place. How many people know, for instance, that many sodas contain a pH under 3, making them acidic enough to use as toilet bleach? How many people know that a small amount of refined sugar would actually kill them, unless their bodies took emergency procedures to remove it from their bodies (depleting them of minerals in the process)? organic food

How many people know that the meat sold is supermarkets is pumped full of chemicals to prevent decomposition (and without these chemicals, such meat would be crawling with maggots)? And there are countless other examples that could be added to that list. However, this article isn’t about dwelling on the bad, it’s about dwelling on the good – natural and organic food of all kinds. So let’s take a look at what this term means, where you can buy such food. An Overview of Natural and Organic Food Although the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are often used synonymously (along with ‘whole’, ‘pure’, and others), there is actually a difference between the two words in the context of the food industry. ‘Natural’ is a nebulous word that can be applied to almost anything, even if the ingredient in question is anything but natural. organic food


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