Your current health will be great if you use natural fruit and Vegetables Juices.

First of all, natural fruit juices can cause a rise of blood sugar. Healthy individuals, doesn’t have problems because the natural sugars from the fruits are easily digestible. If you are healthy, the probability that you will get diabetes is very small.

If you want to regulate a blood sugar you have to change your daily habits. The best choice about drinking fresh juices is …….drinking the THE IREPLACEBEL vegetable juices. If you suffer of yeast infections, you have to talk with your doctor.
Some vegetables can regulate your blood sugar and improve your health, especially when you consumed them as a juice.

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Juices 4


What can you expect?

When you start to consume a highly nutritious food, your body will starts to release the toxins. For example, when you stop with a consumption of “the pickup” energy such as coffee or other drinks full of sugar, you will notice that how your headache is subsided.
When the toxins travels through the body, they are causing a pain that is manifest as headaches, pain in your joints, or fatigued.
You have to prepare at first time because when you start with the consumption of healthy food you can feel the lack of energy, which is cause of the regeneration process.

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When do you have to drink a fresh juice?

It is best to drink fresh juice on an empty stomach, an hour before the first meal. Then the body craves for food, it’s going to absorb whatever you eat.

When you drink juice on an empty stomach, your body quickly absorbs all the nutrients. For this reason, breakfast should be healthy, because if you put in something unhealthy, your body will just absorb unhealthy substances.
There is a myth that citrus fruit is not good to consume in the morning because it has acids. However, citrus fruits have an alkaline effect and you should try with the consumption in the morning. The general rule is: The fruit juice should be consumed at the first half hour of the day because it will satisfy the body with carbohydrates and energy that the body needs. To the end of the day, drink a fruit juice that contains less sugar.

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Juices 2


What kind of juice we should drink?

If you are just starting out, start with fruit which is your favorite. Try it with food that is easily digestible such as apples, carrots, oranges and watermelon.
After a while, you will want to start with experimenting. You will begin to mix fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and green apples.
Vegetable juice is not the first choice of everyone, but after you get used it will be equally tasty as fruit juices.

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Juices

We should eat a diverse food!

To keep your health at the peak, your body needs an adequate amount of the following substances:

Essential Fatty Acids

• Vitamins

• Minerals

• Enzymes

• An essential amino acid

• Carbohydrates

• Fiber

• Proteins

• LOTT of water (THIS is very important)



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