Natural juice that cures the most dangerous cancer and tumors

Juice from bitter melon (Momordica charantia) can suppress the growth of pancreatic cancer, with no side effects. The Juice is also effective against breast, prostate, colon, liver, stomach and nasopharynx cancer, as well as leukemia and neuroblastoma cancer.

Momordica charantia

Natural Juice Cures Most Dangerous Cancer Tumors

A new study conducted has shown that the juice of bitter melon, well known vegetable in Asia and Africa. It significantly reduces the growth of pancreatic tumors in mice because it interferes with glucose metabolism in cancer cells, and is literally starving and leaves no sugar. Sugar is the fuel without which these malignant cells cannot survive.


Numerous health benefits associated with the consumption of bitter melon are already known. This plant has a lat. name called Momordica charantia, widely grown and eaten throughout South East Asia, Africa, China, Japan, Oceania, and even the Caribbean. It is especially popular among the Japanese with Okinawa, who are known for their longevity.


Although bitter melon is consumed for centuries, many health benefits such as antioxidant or antiviral activity have only recently become known in Western medicine. This herb prevents the development of diabetes.

In the last four years this plant is intensively investigated for its benefit against cancer. Anticancer activity and is visible in breast, prostate, colon, liver, stomach and nasopharynx cancer, as well as in leukemia and neuroblastoma. The latest study showed that bitter melon has cytotoxic effect on pancreatic cancer.

Momordica charantia

Researchers from the University from Colorado Cancer Center bought the melon (Chinese variety) in a local store, remove the pulp and seeds, and made juice using homemade ​​juicer. The solids were removed, and the remaining juice is used in testing in two distinct ways. Directly to the cell cultures or by the frozen and ground to a fine powder, this was later used to feed the mice.


Bitter melon juice (diluted only 5 % in water) worked vigorously to reduce all four pancreatic cancer cell lines. In fact, after 72 hours of testing AsPC-1 and Capan-2 tumor cells were reduced by 90 % , and BxPC-3 and MiaPaCa – 2 to 98 % .


Juice caused programmed cell death (apoptosis) and more importantly, activated AMPK, that suggesting that interferes with glucose metabolism and literally starves the cancer cells, leaving them without sugar.

Momordica charantia


After the mice were fed with a frozen juice powder, there was a 64 percent reduction. Action is therefore similar to the chemotherapy (52 % after 18 days), which is administered in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, but with no apparent side effects.


This would mean that people who are 75 kg should take six grams of this powder. A similar dose of 4.8 grams of powder frozen juice was used as part of a recent study. Specifically, three months is given to those suffering from the metabolic syndrome. The drug has worked fine and all the patients had good treatment well tolerated.


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