How powerful is the meaning of the organic cosmetics in the world of cosmetics?

It might be a surprise for you, but it really means nothing.

organic cosmetics

Lots of cosmetics products actually do contain organic ingredients, they also may contain synthetic ingredients, so the term organic doesn’t apply to the entire formula. Moreover, depending on where you shop for organic products, what organic means differs from one shelf to to another.

Maybe you taught that buying the perfect organic cosmetics means the end of your bad experience when your skin was a bit irritated using the usual skin products.


What is more important than the confusing labeling standards is the fact that lots of plant extracts, which indeed are organic, have irritating properties that cause free-radical damage,  deplete collagen, and clog pores. So, natural and organic products often are filled with irritating, skin-damaging plant extracts and minerals.

Jar of moisturizing facial cream

Some natural ingredients as menthol, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, essential oils, and on and on are routinely included in organic cosmetics products. These ingredients are clearly defined as irritants, and when the skin is irritated it causes collagen to break down and hurts the skin’s ability to heal.



The answer is: There is nothing about natural or organic that influences on the quality of a organic cosmetics product when it comes to protecting or making your skin look younger, healing your acne or dry skin, controlling your oily skin, or fixing up other skin-care concerns. So, products labeled organic are not the miracle for your skin, in fact some organic products may actually hurt your skin.


So what do you think, What does the term organic cosmetics means ?