Anna Angenend  was a freelancer photographer spending her days taking pictures of other people’s lives. But when she decided to create a record of her own family, she opted to do something a little different.

She started photographing her little daughter Mia , who loves being part of the camera.

From piles of laundry to sleepless nights to failed attempts at exercising, “Mom Life” testifies  the other, less attractive side of the motherhood.

Then she started creating photo series named Mom Life. The photo named “Back to School” was first in the serial.

It was this chaotic reality that Anna set out to capture in her photo series Mom Life.

Anna Angenend describes chaotic motherhood

Anna Angenend mom life

Anna Angenend photography

Anna Angenend chaotic motherhood

Anna Angenend serial mom life


“The series has become a way for me to laugh at and treasure all the less-than-perfect and messy moments. It won’t be long at all before my house is no longer covered in sticky fingerprints, and that’s going to make me really sad.”






Anna Angenend and her daughter make their photo series once a month.





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