If you don’t suffer from migraine , you definitely don’t know how big pain it brings and how even the simplest tasks become hard.



Plus, if your migraine  is chronicle, you surely don’t leave the house without some of the pain killers. But, the bad thing is that after some time continuously taking those pills, your body will get use to it.

Doctors always come up with good solutions, but not always affordable.

Here we have a very simple and cheap for your pain against migraine!

All you need is a little pit of a lemon peel, some lemon juice and some Himalayan salt. The salt is great for your health because it raises your levels of serotonin which is known to promote your happiness and make your immune system stronger.

Mix two lemon juices  with some lemon peel in a bowl, and put two tablespoons of Himalayan salt.Place in a glass of water  and try to drink it all! Don;t expect the best taste in the world to it. Within just a few minutes after consuming this drink you will be able notice that your migraine pain is disappearing and soon enough you will see that it is no longer there.

Important notice !

Salt intake raises your blood pressure , so people with high blood pressure should be careful!

Try this, and you will soon forget about migraine pain !