Like any other woman , and you have already established routine  for washing your hair. First wet adhesive shampoo once or twice , and finally rinse.

BUT,  have you heard that there is reverse hair washing ?

This method involves applying a mask or conditioner first, then shampoo. reverse hair wash
Why would you do this? First, the order of application of products is ideal for women with thin hair for one reason – it will make sure that after the thorough washing will remove conditioner.

Shampoo should only rub the roots only, while the  generators and masks should be applied  exclusively on  the peaks. The foam that will be created on  the top will be descending on the fiber and it is quite enough for the hair to stay clean .

Those who have tried the reverse hair washing claim that after only a few weeks noticed that hair is shinier and thicker , a no problems with electricity and excessive greasiness.