Some people may already “flipped” the stomach, and some will seem tempting – however, the fact that the future is realistic to expect and sex with robots. Here, it is not about any forecasts but for real, scientific studies have confirmed that sexual relations between humans and robots will become quite normal, regular and commonplace.

sex robots

sex robots woman

Dr. Helen Driscoll of the University of Sunderland mentions that now can be found “dolls partner” on the Internet, but their reality in the form of movement is still limited. As technology advances, so will further develop the movement of robots, which is very likely to be able to do everything they can to make the common man, and even more. “I know that for many these seem impossible, but it will happen, that’s for sure.


In last 100 years so many sexual boundaries and rules are changed so that such a trend is expected in the future.

I think approximately 50 years sexual relations between humans and robots will become quite normal, although everything will start to happen much earlier, “said Dr. Driscoll British” Mirror “.

sex robots

Interestingly, Dr. Helen Driscoll in whole theory sees nothing wrong and abnormal, on the contrary, sees the opposite. “People lately are increasingly withdrawn, and as a consequence is a lack of contact that is a very bad thing. Loneliness generates mental and physical illnesses and problems. Robots in that case would be salvation. In fact, it is better to have such a relationship than no, “said Driscoll.

… No doubt that in the future people will have more and more interaction with robots.


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