Tired of straightening and making damage to your hair every day?? Do you want to know how to straighten hair without iron?

Many girls want flat hair, and they are looking for different ways how to straighten hair, so to achieve such a result, they mostly are used in presses for ironing hair. But unfortunately, they end up with damaged hair, making it weak and brittle.

how to straighten hair

Therefore, read bellow how to straighten hair without heat, but with groceries we believe that you have it in your home.

You will love to use these useful and healthy hair tips  with using hair straightening products.


Model Eva Herzigova has revealed that she uses this drink to lighten her hair, but vodka is equally good for straightening hair. All you need is to put a little vodka in the hair conditioner and apply the mixture to your hair. Low Ph value will correct the cuticles and get the effect of “ironed hair.” But do not overdo it. Too frequent use of vodka, can dry the hair.
healthy hair tips
Coconut oil
This oil is most appropriate for curly hair. It would be enough to apply to wet hair. Then comb your hair and dry it.

how to straighten hair healthy hair tips
In a blender mix one celery and add a little water. Place the mixture into a sprayer bottle, apply on your hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that wash your hair with shampoo.

how to straighten hair
Bananas and papayas
With the help of banana and papaya you will not only straighten your hair, but will prevent bending. It is best to mix the banana, papaya and two tablespoons of honey and apply it on the hair. Once your hair is completely dry, wash it and dry it again.


how to straighten hair




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