Multi Vitamin salad

Preparation: No heat treatment , Complexity: Simple

This salad is slightly different version of the well-known Macedonian “TARATUR”.

Enriched with the taste of young zucchini and carrot, this salad will refreshing and it will make you happy.


• 1 cucumber grated

• 1 small grated young Pumpkin

• 1 carrot grated

• 2-3 cloves garlic

• 300 ml yogurt

• Pinch of salt

• Little black pepper

• 1/2 teaspoon dill

• Little sour cream, cream or cream cheese (for garnish)

• Several papers fresh parsley (for garnish)



1. Peal the cucumber and cat it in the little pieces. Peel the pumpkin (does not have to be peeled if it is organic), and finally cut the carrot in little pieces.

2. If you want the salad to be thicker, put some salt to the cucumber and pumpkin.  Leave them in a bowl of boiled meat to rest for half an hour, and then pour the water as drained from them.

3. In the deeper bowl place the vegetables, add the chopped garlic in small pieces and add the yogurt.

4. Taste and add a little pepper and dill, then a nice mix.

5. Serve the salad in small dishes that will decorate with a little sour cream or cream cheese (or cream cheese) and a few leaves of fresh parsley.

x. Vitamin Salad Recipe “finito”  :)

Bon appetite.


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